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Healing the Rift

Healing the Rift


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Meet Josh, Adrienne & your friendly Over Soul SOTU at the crossroads of Matter & Spirit. If you are dazed and confused with so much changing at once, we have ways to move through it. Personal Conversations with SOTU included ~ find your way & even your purpose in this time of great change. We have 25 years experience teaching reality creation - the metaphysics of the physical...we can help make sense of it all. Right or left, top or bottom & everything in between, all are welcome. Find more: www.ConversationswithSOTU.org © 2019 EJA Magical Journeys

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Are you looking for Peace in your Life? Would you like to create Safety in a world with so much going on & so much divisiveness? Your friendly Over Soul SOTU talks with callers & conscious Reailty Creators about the power we each... more

Finding yourself living a Recurring Reality of Loss or Lack of Love? Today's show with SOTU will be all about Love & Relationship in the 21st Century. Talk with a friendly Over Soul about how you can heal & re-program your patterns & create... more

Would you like some help getting to the bottom of what's confusing & dividing your Reality Creation against itself? Josh & Adrienne reveal the challenges affecting our consensus reality of smoke & mirrors ... And then your friendly... more

At this Equinox time of change, is your reality pushing you forward with ever increasing issues and choices? Talk with your friendly Over Soul SOTU. They won't tell you what choices to make, but they will shed light on what is... more

Don't you wonder, as you can get bogged down in the complexites of learning how to create a better reality for yourself...why did I come here? What is my bigger picture? This life, this time period, these challenges, these goals. Your... more

How do you solve your Problems & find Peace with so much going on? Your friendly Over Soul SOTU & Adrienne talk about using the mounting energy of change to propel your Reality Creation to the next level. "The times of the... more

Wish to make your Reality Creation...your life...better? No matter where you are at in more consciously creating your reality, a talk with your friendly Over Soul SOTU can help you see your way to increasing Happiness, Mastery & Peace, even... more

Are your Reality Creation Skills in need of a Tune-up? Knowing the Times of the Greatest Change are the times of the Greatest Opportunity for Positive Change in Your Life...isn't this the perfect time? Your friendly Over Soul SOTU & Adrienne... more

We all are being asked to become more, Personal Peace in your life can make it all easier. SOTU - a friendly voice from beyond the confusion - talks with callers about their path to Personal Peace. Includes: The Power of Anticipation* Life... more

Best laid plans...technical glitch and the show stopped recording aftetr 13 minutes. We are sorry for any disappointment. We will certainly be talking with SOTU about Love for the next several weeks so we hope you tune in again. And SOTU takes... more