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  • Ep. 18 Education ft. Barbara Bray

    in Training

    It was truly a pleasure having such an experienced educator on the show. Special guest Barbara Bray explains her insight on education and her past business in the world of education.
    Barbara tells her history of being an educator.We discuss the business strategies for educators on her program MyEcoach.The power of the internet.Barbara's version of success: Watching the people you're proud of becoming successful.Twitter: @imjusgreatness @BarbaraBray Site: http://barbarabray.net/

  • Episode 18: PC Culture Ft. @SamisCensored

    in Lifestyle

    DOE brings on social media outlaw "FUK" Sam to the show to speak on censorship, PC culture, freedom of speech, and societal double standards. This is probably the most offensive podcast you've ever listen to, and for that we are proud. If you're not a , enjoy this episode.
    Order your copy of Black America, Inc.: A Trillion Dollar Nation here: http://amzn.to/2mEBpTW
    Find Sam: CensorSam.com Twitter @CensorSam

  • Ep. 3 Life of a Vegan

    in Health

    Malcolm Flex and TCat, host of Well Connected, put together a great episode on veganism. Vegans have gotten a bad name lately. They're usually described as aggressive and very pushy with their lifestyle. TCat and Flex explain the pros and cons on being a vegan. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.
    TCat explains his life being a vegan. 3 common misconceptions about vegans. Hosts discuss the physical aspects of being a vegan. Its difficult, but it's cool to be a vegan.  Follow the hosts on Twitter @TcatdaGod and @Malcolm_fleX48
    Network site: https://goo.gl/gBmhEa

  • 11. Fun Coupons for Blocking Gentrification ft. Todd Millionaire

    in Culture

    Gentrification is one of the most benign forms of genocide. It’s can actually be classified as economic genocide. The vibrant, cultured hoods of creativity and expression are now being replaced with skinny jeans, coffee shops, and craft beer breweries. Why is this happening? Why are blacks being priced out of the very same neighborhoods that sustained them for generations? As with most matters that concern Black America, the problem is rooted in economics. Today’s guest, Charles Oglesby, is changing this narrative by including Black America in something we think is arcane and esoteric, investing. We discuss using our money as builder’s tools and not fun coupons, how to protect your neighborhoods from gentrification by investing in real estate, investing via crowdfunding, and all of the goods and services that the Todd Capital brand provides. Check his websites and contact information below.
    Twitter: @ToddMillionaire  Instagram: Todd Capital Podcast: Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast
    Website: https://capitaltodd.com/ 

  • Ep. 20 Chris Brown is Back, Album Sales Discussion and Independency

    in Music

    Chris Brown is rumored to have a 40 track list album dropping very soon. Host discuss the disappointing album sales of Wale and the surprising numbers by Mary J. Blige.  Lil Yatchy and Joe Budden had a heated discussion. Chance the Rapper and Lavar Ball are leading the current wave of independency. Funk Flex addressed so very old issues with Tupac. Need a discount to that upcoming concert? Download the SeatGeek app and use promo code DEBATE for $20 off your purchase.
    Twitter @imjusgreatness  @KingTell21

  • Ep. 18 Lavar Ball and Big Baller Brand with @VibeHi

    in Finance

    A new line of thinking is necessary for black Americans to be successful. In this episodes, Todd Millionaire and special guest Hotep Jesus discuss the new infamous Lavar Ball. The Ball family has been getting a lot of press and attention due to his antics but the focus is changing. Lavar Ball recently had meetings with the top brands in basketball. Instead of taking the usually shoe deal, Lavar ball went for licensing with the giants. Listen to the episode and learn the different ways to change your thinking and be your own brand!
    CapitalTodd.com @ToddMillionaire  
    HotepNation.com  @VibeHi 

  • Ep. 6 ft. @PhoenixFreeBand

    in News

    In this episode I have the privilege of interviewing podcast host @PhoenixFreeBand. We discuss the recent Kendrick Lamar video "Humble" and controversy and reaction that followed. We discuss issues of Cheating, Women don't like each other?, Are men dogs? and other various factors that seem to be dividing men and women in the black community.There are many issues that Black Americans needs to take self accountability for and can't always blame the opposite sex for them. We also discuss the Willy Lynch letter and the repercussions of mental slavery that still plagues black Americans. 

  • Ep. 3 The Anatomy of a Hoe

    in Entertainment

    What is a hoe? In this episode Chris, Lonni and V. Nicole discuss what a hoe is. We constantly see the criteria for a woman being a hoe. So this episode focuses heavily on the male hoes in the population.
    Hosts of The Plug give some tips on ways to get your first threesome. Most people have a hoe phase. It's almost required for men to have one. How sexual are feminists believed to be? Numbers don't matter, diseases do. People who are dirty are not to be trusted. Twitter @imjusgreatness @Lonni_Lyn @_V_Nicole_

  • Ep. 4 Houston Rockets still 3rd, Harden is Still the MVP...for Now

    in Basketball

    At the start of the season, no one thought the Houston Rockets would be in this position. They've proven everyone wrong and look to continue the trend.
    The Rockets were beaten by the Spurs in the finals seconds Monday night. James Harden is playing on another level. Mike D'Antoni is a big reason for his improvement. The Rockets front office has made some great moves to put good players around Harden.  The supporting cast must be consistent for the Rockets to go far this postseason. Ryan Anderson, Lou Williams and Eric Gordon must play their role. Follow the guest Hakeem on Twitter @HTownRocketsBB Catch the host Chris on Twitter @SimplyHoopz

  • Ep. 29 Cavs Make it Easy, Rockets Wax Spurs and Clippers up for Sale

    in Basketball

    Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers make it look easy. Matt thinks the Raptors are frauds. The Spurs got waxed by the Rockets in the first game. Is this the new trend? The Washington Wizards are evenly matched with the Boston Celtics. Utah has a hill to climb to compete with the Golden State Warriors. Los Angeles Clippers: Everything must go! Get tickets to these playoff games! Download the SeatGeek app and use promo code: RECOGNIZE for $20 off your purchase.
    Twitter @SimplyHoopz @Matt_GRG

  • Ep. 7 The Future of Business

    in Business

    The future of business is constantly changing. Check out this episode and learning ways to cope with the changes to come. 
    Be sure to follow the host on Twitter @DOEDoobs
    Get your copy of Black America Inc.: A Trillion Dollar Nation http://amzn.to/2mEBpTW