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7 RAYS RADIO helps put the "spirit" in Spirituality and are interested in topics that face the truth community and challenges that occur for the freedom of our minds. 7 Rays is a name related to the 7 Rays and Planes of consciousness that have been taught by Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters. Our segments though are down to earth and help people who desire to find inner reality and truth occurring on all levels of our Planet. Brother Ron sometimes called the " Limo Mystic : is our host in exploration of finding sense, reality and Divine Guidance that we individually and collectively contribute

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When we utilize more faculties of our minds as well as our Soul Energies we tap into a hidden resevoir of illumination and solutions that before hand may seem unavailable or out of our grasp. Brother Ron starts the conversation that no... more

In this segment Brother Ron weaves his commentaries how the individual comes to terms with the willingness to see things, not as we are led to believe by controlled media and the mass mind, but through our own breakthroughs. The... more

Brother Ron offers some conversation how we explore processing information and disclosures as more people wake up to the mass media lies about almost every aspect of how we receive "storylines" about National, Local and personal... more

What is going on behind the doors of perception when celebrities and presenters feed to a viewing audience political and cultural patterns and information during the Golden Globes award broadcast Our host ( Ron Henry ) shares his... more

Brother Ron in Sonoma County addreses ways average people can lift themselves up and through becoming aware of Hidden agendas , being put upon people in the truth community. We are talking about seeing through weather... more

Its the end of 2012 as well as the beginning of a new cycle of energy and many people at a soul level are feeling that many connections we have with people are in a have to get better or move on cycle. No where is this more important... more

How we cope with a deep and abiding connection with a Soul mate or Twin Flame figure can create a profound liberation and also trying personal initiations for our Soul. This segement will effort to offer some... more

Sylphs are a part of Nature that inhabit the skies and control the air elements. people sometimes think of them as cloud formations but they are really a living dimensonal energy. They are beings that manifest as sometimes wispy like... more

Today's commentaries are based on a Chapter on ?Habit? given by the Ascended Master Kuthumi, whom with The Ascended Master Jesus shares the Spiritual office of World Teachers. Kuthumi gives Illumination about our Souls... more

What is in our Skies that is coming from planes? Aerosol spraying or Chemtrails are not normal contrails from Jets. In this segment we will help us look at how we can ask the questions if substances like Alunimum and particulates are being... more
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