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The world’s population will reach seven billion by the end of 2011. What does that mean for humanity? Can all of us reach our full potential in a world with that many people? And can our planet sustain all seven billion of us – and the billions that are sure to follow?

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General Staff Meeting

New York

This weeks show will highlight a variety of individuals who are helping their local communities through their own hobbies.

How individuals are making a world of 7 Billion a better place.

Today we're going to talk about the power of young women and why investing in them is cost-effective and essential to solving world's most challenging problems. In the partner´s corner, National Geographic will explain how they are... more

On today's program, we are going to be talking about population with noted experts in the field. We will have the latest news about the 7 Billion Actions Campaign.

Today we're going to talk about sexual and reproductive health and family planning and how they affect decisions about how many children a person has. In addition, we will have with us a group of two staff of the United Nations... more

In today's show we will talk about what influences people's decisions to have a lot of children, few children or no children. To discuss these issues and more, we've invited a group of experts from the United Nations Population Fund.

Today's show will focus on Youth and Aging.

By the close of 2011, the global population will have reached 7 billion. 7 Billion is a challenge: Today, the most pressing human concerns transcend national boundaries. As more and more people join those of us already here, new... more