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3 Women 3 Ways

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3 Women 3 Ways radio shows feature world recognized experts and researchers to deliver current, objective and engaging information to raise awareness of social justice issues especially gendered violence and equality.

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BREAST CANCER: What's the up side? You've seen the pink ribbons (and mixers, and baseball bats, and on and on...), you've seen the fundraisers. You've heard the horror stories, and you've feared the worst. But what if breast cancer... more

DIGITAL FEMINISM The first wave of feminists marched, got arrested and staged hunger strikes for the right to vote in the 1920's. The second wave demonstrated, allegedly burned their bras, and staged housework strikes. Today,... more

COMPLEX TRAUMA AND ADOPTION Why does no one talk about kids who are traumatized being raised by parents who are traumatized? And if that's not complicated enough, what if the kids are adopted? Who can possibly sort out... more

You know you've at least wanted to – the swift swat on the bottom or a smack on the hand for that child who is just being awful! Surely that's not going to cause life-long trauma like some sort of beating, right? Well…maybe.... more

HASHTAG ME TOO: WHERE IT'S GOING, WHAT IT'S FROM It's all over the news, and whether it has you cheering or tearing your hair out, there is no doubt that the ?hashtag me too? movement is changing lives. What exactly is this... more

AMBITIOUS OR TRAUMATIZED: THE CONNECTION BETWEEN OVERWORK AND PAST TRAUMA Experiencing trauma can lead to all sorts of negative consequences but did you realize that it might lead to work addiction? Research... more

INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE IN A NOT-SO INTIMATE WORKPLACE It's no secret to those who experience or work with intimate partner violence, that the violence often creeps (or crashes) into the workplace, either directly or indirectly... more

SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL: DIVORCE, COURTS, AND CONTROL You've heard of doctor shopping, but have you heard of court shopping? How about finding a judge or venue that is likely to be sympathetic to your side when you... more

HEALTH CARE RESPONSE TO INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE Advocates and responders have been talking for years about the need for health care professionals to help screen patients for domestic violence. Programs and... more

HELPING ABUSE VICTIMS THE D.A.D WAY ?Get a lawyer!? ?Call the police!? ?Just leave!? All reasonable advice for a woman who is living with abuse, but it's usually a lot harder than it sounds. Since some of the hallmarks of intimate... more