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3 Women 3 Ways radio shows feature world recognized experts and researchers to deliver current, objective and engaging information to raise awareness of social justice issues especially gendered violence and equality.

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HOPE: WHAT IS IT AND HOW DO YOU MEASURE IT? If you hope the weather is better tomorrow, is it really hope? Or is it wishful thinking? What really makes hope what it is, and what makes up hope? Casey Gwinn, former long term... more

STRENGTH ACROSS THE LIFESPAN What keeps us strong as we go through life? What influences those factors, and is there anything we can do to promote strength? External influences, internal views, jobs, family, friends...all CAN give... more

This special episode is being repreated in honor of Dr. Karin Huffer, friend, teacher, scholar, author, and tireless advocate for those who suffer at the hands of the courts. Thank you, Karin. Rest in peace. PTSD, DISABILITIES AND... more

A CRITIQUE OF CNN COVERAGE OF FAMILY COURT What's worse than judges and guardians ad litem who don't understand domestic violence and child custody? How about a major national media reporter who purports to cover... more

CAMPUS SEXUAL ASSAULT Did you know that as many as one in four women on American college campuses report unwanted sexual contact on campus? That includes everything from the annoying to the threatening to rape. Sounds like an... more

COURT SECRECY AND RECALLS Do you know what a court of record is? Do you know how few family courts keep any record of what happens there? Or that many courts don't allow recording of proceedings? Why the secrecy? And what... more

We see it all too often in the news - dad (once in awhile it's mom), goes nuts and kills mom, the kids, anyone who happens to be in the way, and then, often, himself. What is going on here? The media stories often say something just... more

COURTS, CUSTODY, KIDS, TRAUMA: THE TRAGEDY OF FAMILY COURTS What happens when an infant is shuffled from one care giver to another? Research is pretty clear that kids without a stable primary caregiver have... more

INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE IN A NOT-SO INTIMATE WORKPLACE It's no secret to those who experience or work with intimate partner violence, that the violence often creeps (or crashes) into the workplace, either directly or indirectly... more

WHAT'S IN A NAME – WHEN IT'S HERS? For decades women, scholars, sociologists and feminists have been debating and advocating one way or the other for women to either take their husbands' last names when they marry or... more