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3 Women 3 Ways

3 Women 3 Ways


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3 Women 3 Ways radio shows feature world recognized experts and researchers to deliver current, objective and engaging information to raise awareness of social justice issues especially gendered violence and equality.

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CYBER STALKING, CYBER HARRASSMENT- ILLEGAL? MAYBE Do you know the difference between cyber stalking and cyber harassment? Do you know how often it is used? Or the devastating effect it can have on your life? Elaine... more

POWER AND CONTROL IN FAMILY COURTS Anyone who has ever gotten a divorce knows that courts are intimidating places. Anyone who has ever divorced an abuser knows courts can do a lot more than just intimidate. They can... more

SHE'S THE CRAZY ONE: HOW ABUSERS DANCE WITH MENTAL HEALTH Mental health professionals are a valued and necessary part of our world and they can do a lot of good. But what happens when the idea of mental health, mental... more

EMOTIONAL ABUSE- WHAT DOES IT MEAN, HOW DOES IT MATTER? If your spouse says something to hurt your feelings, is that emotional abuse? It's a phrase we hear often, but rarely hear exactly what it means. And if someone... more

FORGIVENESS: DO WE NEED IT? You hurt my feelings, you feel bad, I forgive you and all's right with the world again. At least that's how we are led to believe it all works. Not only does the forgiveness free me from the burden of... more

SPIRITUALITY AND TRAUMA: THE LINK THAT MAY BE OVERLOOKED There are many ways to help survivors, from medication to visualization to just being there. But for those who have experienced trauma, many of these approaches... more

THE FEMALE VETERAN: HOMELESS WITH A DIFFERENCE Picture a veteran – a homeless veteran. Is he tall? Short? bearded, clean shaven? Or did you picture her a woman? What you saw in your mind probably isn't a... more

WHO NEEDS AN ADVOCATE AND HOW DO I KNOW IF I AM ONE? The word ?advocate? is all over the place – we advocate for justice, we want an advocate when we go to court – we even see advocacy in the titles of... more

WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT THE PROBLEM WITH FAMILY COURT? The court tells you their father must see your kids, but CPS tells you they will take away the kids if you don't protect them from him. His lawyers say you are... more