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Do you live an alternative lifestyle around the Birmingham,AL area. Wanna keep up with the LGBT Community. Join Zy'Air Zone- starting Mon April 12.2010 @ 8pm with your host ZyAir Travez as I bring Birmingham's AlternativE Blog Talk Radio station

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Join me on my debut show as I countdown the TOP 10 Love Songs in the Magic City area. During the show we will have SpokenWord with the Poem of the Night (email me at zy_travez@yahoo.com) with your poems Top 3 poems will be read... more

How Can I Improve Zy'Air Zone for you the viewers

  • by Zy_Travez
Zy'Air Zone is a work in progress starting off with Mellow Mondays. I intend of providing my community with a radio blog that not only they can relate too but a system that they can get invovled with to better our community in the... more