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On our show we are working to share good information with you on several subjects. The show's host is jack of all trades type of person. He is a seeker of knowledge and a sharer of truth. He is a father, husband, business man, program manager, networker, entrepreneur, holistic practitioner, personal trainer, martial artist, reiki practitioner, educator, mediator, defensive tactics instructor, retired Marine Chief Warrant Officer, former law enforcement officer, mentor, rape aggression defense instructor, children's defense & awareness instructor and all around great person etc. He also has a private referral only Martial Arts and Self Defense School for men, women, teens and children. We offer several programs for personal and organizations on all levels. There are various area of safety and personal development and betterment. Give us a chance we will do what we can to help. We also work with a number of places of worship to assist them with the programs. We are Entrepreneurs and mentors. The world is changing. Our goal is to help the world to grow and develope 15 to 30 minutes at a time on the show. This we will do by sparking our listeners minds and hearts. We are a martial arts school but we will talk about a number of subjects and areas that effect us all. Our message is positive and if you give us a change we can and will help. Let's all grow and devlope for the better together. We you need more time then what we have on the show contact us. The upcoming shows are posted on FaceBook and twitter. You the public are welcome to listen and to call in. We believe that we are leaders. However without you we are only taking a walk. Join us favorite and follow the show come with us on the journey. Today Is Now! Call into the show and lets talk. We will keep it real.

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During the show today we are going to touch on a number of areas of online marketing that I know many of you have questions on for a number of reasons. A few of the topics for today are listed below. - How search works (kinds of search queries, SERP Page) - How small companies can leverage AdWords (Quality Score, local) - How small companies can do their own SEO (ratings, niche local terms) - How companies are misusing social media (traditional vs social) - How companies should use social media (content strategy) - Value and expertise locally Our special guest Mr. Jason Dulay is the founder and owner of ABC Web Consulting, a local online marketing agency that helps small businesses use the internet to get more business. Jason first got into online marketing when he built his first website at 10 years old in 1996. Working as an Online Marketing Consultant in a Singapore advertising firm, Jason helped a multitude of small and medium businesses improve their web presence and capture customers online. As the owner of ABC Web Consulting, Jason has helped local businesses with their overall online marketing strategy and has been able to bring measurable increases to their revenues and profits. Mr. Jason Dulay ABC Web Consulting Phone:571 308 6718 E-mail: Web:
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