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The Zurriane Show

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On our show we are working to share good information with you on several subjects. The show's host is jack of all trades type of person. He is a seeker of knowledge and a sharer of truth. He is a father, husband, business man, program manager, networker, entrepreneur, holistic practitioner, personal trainer, martial artist, reiki practitioner, educator, mediator, defensive tactics instructor, retired Marine Chief Warrant Officer, former law enforcement officer, mentor, rape aggression defense instructor, children's defense & awareness instructor and all around great person etc. He also has a private referral only Martial Arts and Self Defense School for men, women, teens and children. We offer several programs for personal and organizations on all levels. There are various area of safety and personal development and betterment. Give us a chance we will do what we can to help. We also work with a number of places of worship to assist them with the programs. We are Entrepreneurs and mentors. The world is changing. Our goal is to help the world to grow and develope 15 to 30 minutes at a time on the show. This we will do by sparking our listeners minds and hearts. We are a martial arts school but we will talk about a number of subjects and areas that effect us all. Our message is positive and if you give us a change we can and will help. Let's all grow and devlope for the better together. We you need more time then what we have on the show contact us. The upcoming shows are posted on FaceBook and twitter. You the public are welcome to listen and to call in. We believe that we are leaders. However without you we are only taking a walk. Join us favorite and follow the show come with us on the journey. Today Is Now! Call into the show and lets talk. We will keep it real.

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Without the right mindset you are truly lost. Life, if well lived, is long enough. "Do what you fear most and you control fear." — Tom Hopkins "The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen incidents, meetings... more
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Happiness Is A Choice Inspiring quotes and phrases are like vitamins to the soul, mind and body. Happiness is within you. When you stop the chatter of the mind and expel your worries and fears you find out that happiness surfaces... more

Devils Come In All Shapes, Sizes, and Sexes Ladies and gentlemen evil is just that evil. It is a state of mind and actions. Do not let it become your state of mind and do not let it control yours actions. Your circumstances are not you. They... more

Do People Really Want The Best In Their Life or Not? Ever person has a choice. Is there anyone that disagrees with me? If you were to ask the average people if they had their choice of bad or good what would they pick? I bet you think that... more

To Win or Not To Win That Is The Question Many years ago there was a warrior and leader who traveled to distance lands looking to expend his kingdom. The warrior boarded his ships with his men and traveled great distances in order to... more

If You Knew You Could Not Fail What do you wish late at night? When you dream what is it that you dream of? When you were a small child? What did you want to be when you grow up. Who was your the favorite person. Who did you... more

Age Is Nothing But a Number Each person on earth was born and each person on this plant shall, no will die. So why in the world are so many people concerned about their age. In the course of my life I have heard people complaining about... more

Who Is Paying For The Free Stuff I am sure that everyone has seen or heard this: Come in and visit our blank and get a free whatever. Along with this one: Buy one get one free or buy two get the third one free. So here is my question... more

Education and all our Captains Industry where? Sitting in my office today I was looking at all of the potential wasted of people sitting as desks and doing meaningless jobs. Where are all the captains and leaders that have attended... more

Statement of Desire with Action As the saying goes, half measures avail us nothing. Wishing and hoping for success without putting in the required effort will avail you nothing. Faith, Purpose and Correct Action, so are you ready? It's... more

What Is Your Greatest Gift What do you believe is your greatest gift? What is the thing that you dream of more than anything that else in the world. If you one day find yourself with 100's of millions of dollars will you be happy? Most... more
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