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Everyone is looking for an opportunity today.  Today we are going to talk about a great opportunity that is for everyone that is looking for a way to change their lifes.
Today talk is about a great opportunity for two groups.
1. Non-profits Organizations - 501-C and 503-C
2. Veterans - Yes all military veterans
Today we are going to give you an introduction to M-Cares Program and the Veterans Program.  These two programs have been put in place to help others.
Let's Talk -  You will want to share this information.
Vet's Program - http://bitcast-r.v1.iad1.bitgravity.com/dataparadigm/momentis/1039.mp4
M-Cares Program - http://zurrianebennett.nowsender.com/e/vd?uc5d3z
Info: www.zsuccess.mymomentis.biz
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