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Fitness And You

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Fitness And You

Okay on a scale of 1 to 5 what is your level of fitness? Now when I talk about fitness and I say on a level of 1 to 5 I mean 1 being a very poor level or condition and 5 being a very high level of fitness.  So level 1 you can not walk two floors of stairs with out lossing your breath and five you can not run, jump and play a good number of young people.

I was going to make it 1 to 10 but then I that level of detail would be a little to much for many. Very recently I looked at couple of people ages 12, 14, 20, 29, 35, 49, 64 and 76.

It was very funny when to put these people side by side and compared their levels of fitness and activity. In this comparision the 49, 64 and 76 year olds were in better phyiscal and mental condition then the one who were much younger. In truth the younger group would be a lot worst off when they get to the older ages. If they make it far on in life.  Most of this has to do with poor habits and choices.

Just look around you this is not just a observion that I have made it is fact from scienctist and others in these areas of study.

By the way I will be running the Spartan Run "Super" in August anyone interested in joining me?  It is a 8 mile challenge with a few extra items added to make it more interesting.  Will you sweat, yes will you get dirty very, will it be hard that depends on you. Will any of be easy no. Will it be fun and you you become better yes, yes, yes.

Think about it. The mid atlantic spartan in this August. Come join our team today.