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Are You A Winner or Are You a Loser? Is It True!

  • Broadcast in Self Help
The Zurriane Show

The Zurriane Show


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The real question is which do you want to be? Yes, I know 99% of the people in the world will say that they want to be a winner. How ever, this can not be true. The reason that this can not be true is simple if it was true more people would be successful. The truth is that most people just settle. Many people give up before they even get started. Most people believe in very few things in their lifetime. These same people will never live their dreams or really reach their goals in their lifetime. Many just never live their dreams. How ever, they will work very hard for someone else dreams. Yes, they will work a lot harder for a strange then they will ever work for themselves. You know I am not wrong. How ever, I wish that I was wrong. This is a world of great and wonderful opportunity yet most people will never take advantage of 1 percent of the opportunities that are presented to them on any given day.

People life is for living it is not a spectator sport. You are here for a reason. You are capable of wonderful and amazing things. All you have to do is believe and take action. You do not have to be evil, selfish, or rude. You do not have to lie, steal or cheat. You can be honest, smile, and tell the truth. The world is not against you we can all win in the game of life.

They say that life is not fair my question is this is life or is it you and those around you. I believe if you really look for good, you will find good. How ever most never expect the good we look very hard for the bad. Even when things are good. Well your now, your today and your tomorrows all start with one thing and one person. That person is you. So why not enjoy you and make you the best you, you will ever know.

Ladies and gentlemen it is worth it. However if someone told you life would be easy, they lied. The thing is no matter how hard it maybe it is worth it. Imagine if you could do what you wanted when you wanted whenever you wanted.