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Welcome to My Profile. My name is MerytAton Nyle Ra, also known as Lady Ba'al, Nyle Aset Ba'alat, Brittany Juanice, Tea, Dulce, Ztorm Phoenix, and etc. I am an Altruistic Humanitarian who descended here on this 3D Paradigm to help restore the balance on Planet Earth by uplifting the vibrations of All Nations of People. As we are Entering the Golden Age of Aquarius (also known as the Age of Purification, Creative Intelligence, Inventions, and Advance Technology, Healing, Alignment, and Ascension entering the Year of the Water Dragon -according to the Chinese Zodiac-), the Earth will shift from the 3-Dimensional Paradigm to the 4-Dimensional Paradigm. I am also a songwriter, poetic lyricist, and an instrumentalist. Using the Language of Metaphor to also reach those who are willing to tune in to the frequencies of intellect being brought forth. So please, join me as I am here in service to others with the Ascension process as I will also have a tuned ear to adhere to information that could help with the outformation in preparation for the Ascension process, and the massive Transformation of the Planet. LET US AWAKEN! ;)
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