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Grant Connolly

The ZPoint Show with Grant Connolly


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ZPoint is a simple meditative healing technique that permanently releases the unconscious triggers to uncomfortable or painful emotions.

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Today we have as our guest Cora Rennie who like millions of others is starting a new relationship by blending her children with her boyfriends children into one family. We always spend at least half the show taking whatever issue arises... more

In todays show we interview Sophie Sladek from Switzerland again for the 3rd time. The purpose of the show is to allow the listener the opportunity to hear the difference in Sophie's life after using ZPoint for the past few months. Listen as... more

The purpose of this show is to demonstrate how your EGO may be keeping you fast asleep. We all need an EGO. Our EGO actually helps us live in this 3 dimensional world. This isn't about destroying your EGO or even making it go... more

Your ego is about how you view yourself in this world, your identity. Because of our EGO we identify with ourselves as mothers, fathers, policemen, leaders of the free world, etc. Your EGO has a playbook from the past that allows only one of... more

Your EGO is not you, although at times you may think it is. EGO is who you think you are. It is your identity and yet it is not you. EGO's primary preoccupation seems to be to avoid perceived threats to your physical self. It's all about fight or... more

Confusion is the beginning of wisdom. This may be true but it does little to help those who are confused, to feel better. What does help is to let go of that feeling of being confused. In this show with guest host Dianne Levitt, we talk about... more

In this episode please join Grant Connolly and ZPoint Practitioner Dianne Levitt as they explore helping people surrogately using ZPoint. Surrogate means to stand in for someone. Join us as Dianne "stands-in" for her daughter-in-law and... more

Join Sophie from Switzerland from a previous episode and I as we talk about uncovering our true selves and what that means. Sophie speaks honestly about her desire to be authentic to who she is and how she really feels has led to a... more

During the first half of the show we discuss how to trust your own inner voice rather than blindly following the dictates and demands of those around you. Our meditation this evening is specifically designed to release that feeling the you... more