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How Does the Illuminati control the music Industry?

  • Broadcast in Hip Hop Music



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How Does the Illuminati Control the Music Industry Part 2 of this very important topic. Hosted By Dennis Ford with some special guests.

In this session Dennis will cover "illuminati symbolism in music" and how modern day hip-hop, pop, and other artist promote the "New Age" Lucifiarian Agenda by promoting "Illuminati Symbolism" in their music videos.

Open discussions include the following topics "9/11 truth" "New Age" Lucifiarian Agenda "satanic music" "illuminati rappers" "illuminati rap song" "music industry exposed" "womens rights" "mainstream media" "tipper gore" "al gore" "media control" "2 pac" 2pac TuPac Chirstians Faith Religion Exposure Biggie Conspiracies Conspiracy Puff-Daddy Pdiddy "Music Albums" "Music Lable" "Satanic Music" Demonic Energy Cocaine Jay-z "Jay Z" God Jehovae Satanism Celebrity Celebrities "Hollywood" Columbia "Warner Brothers" CBS "all seeing eye" "1 eye" lucifer luciferian conspary disney "subliminal message" "subliminal messages" "mind control" SRA "33rd degree mason" masonic masonry "masonic beliefs" hitler manipulation control destiny education hip-hop math english help "music industry" "mental programming" "michael jackson" "tony montoya" "mariah carey"