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real life 80s babies inc. present the best underground music from the underground artist with your hosts zoklo and sassy come and have fun and call the show let us know should we keep playing the song or flush it your opinion matters yeeeeeeee! if you an artist that want us to play your song that want us to play you song send it to (reallife80sbabies.inc@mail.com)

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if for one second you believe, those events that are occurring, in these days and times that we are living in are a coincidence. then my friend you a fool, and your eyes open wide shut.

whats on your mind zoklo live on your radio late night

yooooooo look its a big different to speak proper and sound education then speaking white and sound fake like i said before kissing ass is kissing ass, whether its a white trying to sound like he from the hood when his not or a black... more

live life every day like its your last day, do what you want to do now, love like nobody's watching, say what you mean, loyalty is a myth trust no one, and remember when it come to money even god want a 10% tip, so its always best... more

we'll be live on the air 12:30pm ct 1:30pm et Guest Call-in (929) 477-1658 let give a shout or rep. your city, or just tell us what on your mind [zoklo live with co-host lunie]

we live yeeeeeee

mr lunie taking over tonight with zoklo live on the radio

nation kids interview with zoklo and lunie

just saying when will we learn /zoklo live with lunie

zoklo live on the am