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Studies in the Supernatural Life and issues relevant to today's Christian.

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New Christians. Pew Christians. Haven't got a clue Christians. Endued Christians. You will laugh, be sad, and be determined as you hear the definitions of these four kinds of Christians. You will be able to locate yourself and if... more

"Bios in the Realm of Zoe"! "Psuche in the Realm of Zoe"! "Anastrophee in the Realm of Zoe"! What in the world is all that about! The Bible mentions several different kinds of life: bios, psuche, anastrophee and all are to be lived in the... more

There is a basic fact that people need to know about themselves....ALL people. If you would take a survey and ask: "What are you?", the answer that you would get the majority of the time is their profession, what they do for a living. God... more

Want to change your life or escape this world? We all do at one time or another. My favorite poem, "High Flight", opens with: "I have slipped the surly bonds of earth...". This world has held many frustrations for me since I was a small child.... more

Oppression can take many forms. Even the very word: o-press, can tell you something about the operation of oppression on your soul, and body.....and even your spirit. For freedom did Christ set us free. The first step to overcoming... more

"Throw out the lifeline", an old hymn says. In Genesis 3:15 God threw out a 'lifeline' to Adam and Eve, and in them the whole human race. God set a 'pattern' in motion when He did this. He was showing that His 'lifeline' would be... more

Life is not something that we can control. We cannot control other people's decisionS or actions. Their thoughts and words. We cannot control the government or the economy. I am speaking of the every day things that we... more

Survival! Mental and emotional stability! Today millions of adults and children are on medication to achieve these two things. God holds forth an answer that brings freedom and independence from this world's solutions. Faith is an inherent... more

In the previous broadcast, I spoke about the 'something greater' that seemed to control all great inventors, politicians, teachers, soldiers. That something that came out in the face of challenges. A truth, a vision, a desire to help mankind... more

"In the world you will have tribulation", Jesus said. Paul put it this way: "in the last days perilous times shall come". We've talked about sickness but more can be added to that list: financial problems, mental torment, depression,life threatening... more