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The Zoe Moon Astrology Show


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Get your weekly horoscope, up to date astrology topics, and chat about what's up in that crazy, wild sky with your favorite star child-oh yeah, Zoe Moon. Thursday nights at 8pm eastern/5pm pacific.

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We have successfully navigated one of the biggest change configurations that Heavens has to throw at us and we enter the week ahead with opportunity waiting to reward our courage and tenacity. Tune in to hear about your sign... more
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We enter the jaws of the gods in the week ahead on an astrological and real level as we move into one major change period of peaks, endings and new developments. Each sign will journey through this a bit differently, some more... more

Zoe Moon reviews what is coming up with our FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE week and the climactic achievements and endings in store around key relationships. She looks at the PLUTO RETROGRADE and how the turnaround... more

In the week ahead what you need with women, love and income shifts and how things are communicated or heard shifts around ideas, agreements, sales, writing, offers, and decision making. Tune in to see how your sign will fare!

There's a NEW MOON in ARIES sending us all out into new territory on a personal or physical level, a fresh start that will fuel the GRAND CROSS of April, so...what do YOU want moving into it? Tune in and hear how to best work this... more

Spring is here! As we open on the Spring Equinox the Sun moves into warrior sign Aries and pushes us to fight for what we want to achieve and do what it takes to move our life story forward. Tune in to hear how your sign... more

Called the Worm Moon, the Crow Moon and the Sap Moon, it's our FULL MOON on March 16th that brings some real seeds forward and heightens our opportunities to achieve. This coupled with Mercury moving into Pisces to... more

Zeus, the Lord of expansion, faith, happiness, prosperity, and protection, makes his last run through the sign of Cancer starting this week. He wraps up this journey on July 20th and won't return for another 12 years. Hear how your sign... more

Oh my, oh my, the week ahead is intense! A NEW MOON brings new opportunities, MARS RETROGRADE takes us back to old passions, anger and actions, SATURN RETROGRADE takes us back over commitments or endings... more

What happens when the big boys like Jupiter and Uranus form a frictional square in the heavens? How does this tension affect changes in your life? Tune in to hear how your sign will feel it in the week ahead!

We have a rare FULL MOON on Valentine's Day this year and it is going to do wonders for your sign. Tune in to hear how the weekend plays out and what's in the stars for you.