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Get your weekly horoscope, up to date astrology topics, and chat about what's up in that crazy, wild sky with your favorite star child-oh yeah, Zoe Moon. Thursday nights at 8pm eastern/5pm pacific.

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We kick off July with a New Moon in Cancer on the 4th and it opens up our best window of the year to launch into something new at home, with real estate deals, moves, renovations, family, history, parents, roommates, our security needs, or ways to nurture. That and more are going on in the week ahead, tune in to hear how your sign will be affected!
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Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth, happiness, and prosperity, meets up with the North Node of Destiny for the first time in Virgo since 1979. It means a new chapter is on the way. We also have Mars Retrograde FINALLY end after being... more

We just came through the 2nd of 3 Saturn/Neptune squares last week and now we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius, the sign where Saturn is working out his serious commitments, endings, structuring, and ambitions. So we will have a... more

It may feel like the Twiglight Zone or intertubing on the Pacific or sitting at the bottom of the pool or it may just be other worldly in a few other ways but it is definitely not going to be the usual in the week ahead. First, Neptune is stopped... more

Our week ahead features the one NEW MOON in Gemini we get this year and it packs a punch in helping us move forward via talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, auditions, proposals, offers, and decisions. It will also help us... more

Mars takes his Retrograde into stage 2 entering Scorpio where he'll tour until June 29th in backwards motion. This takes us back over old passion, anger and motivating forces regarding sex, reproduction, divorce, death, birth, finances, and... more

This is a whopper of a week. The Sun and Venus move into Gemini to kick off several weeks here taking our personal and physical focus into a more light-hearted, flirtatious mode and making it local or communication driven when... more

The week ahead is all about the momentum behind this New Moon and the Mercury Retrograde moments that are going to stand out as Mercury makes his last big push to rekindle, release or rework the past in this forward momentum.... more

The New Moon gives us all a boost forward which is much needed with all of this backwards retrograde energy currently taking us over the past. This cosmic boost will help us launch into new territory or take current situations to the next level.... more

Venus is joining the Sun and Mercury Retrograde in Taurus and bringing women, love, beauty, and income themes to the forefront of what is coming back around from the past and what is going bye-bye. Tune in to hear how your sign is... more

Scorpio rules power, control, manipulation, sex, triangles, divorce, major financial arenas,reproduction, birth, death, and divorce. We build to an emotional climax in at least one of these areas in our week ahead as we build to the Full Moon in... more