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Mercury is all about our thoughts, ideas, talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, short trips, propoosals, and decisions. It is heading into Leo in the week ahead where all of this will turn towards true love and lovers, children and creative ventures, drama and recreational pursuits and it will get us busier with these themes in forward motion up until July 26 when Mercury will Retrograde and slow things down, trigger reversals, take us back into the past for another shot at something, bring about exits in current scenarios or give us a big do-over to get things right in ongoing scenarios. Once we move through several weeks in flux with this in the Retrograde phase we will then go Direct again on Aug 19th, moving forward with whatever we worked out in new ways up until Sept 5th. So we have an epic story starting up in our week ahead, tune in to hear how it impacts your sign and what the key dates are we'll be dealing with as we dive in.
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We start into the Mars Retrograde in the week ahead and we shift direction when it comes to passions, anger, fights, motivation, and activity. We are aiming this at our aspirations, freedom, original projects, friends, groups, the... more

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This might be the most explosive, wild week of the year. Mercury moves into Taurus opening up news, talks and decisions about our money, possessions, land, values, purchases, what we builld, food, and products. Two days later... more

The week ahead is one of personal planetary energy, tune in to hear how it impacts your sign! Your horoscopes, your astrology, with Zoe Moon.

Pluto just retrograded, he rules Scorpio, and now we have a FULL MOON in Scorpio in our week ahead so this should be interesting. It will be about something peaking, whether that is an ending, achievement, breakthrough,... more

Pluto retrogrades joining Saturn in his backwards journey through Capricorn and a do-over for anyone wanting to review, release, rekindle, or rework goals, career or connections with authority figures. It's focused on financial, sexual,... more