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Get your weekly horoscope, up to date astrology topics, and chat about what's up in that crazy, wild sky with your favorite star child-oh yeah, Zoe Moon. Thursday nights at 8pm eastern/5pm pacific.

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Saturn has been Retrograde since March. He is in Scorpio to teach us all a new level of mastery over financial matters, sex, divorce, triangles, death, birth, and empowerment. He's the taskmaster, testing us to step up, take responsibility, set limits or deal wtih them, face endings, make long term commitments, structure things properly, and be ambitious. So we've had a bit of a breather while he was in Retrograde mode. He will now turn forward and give us all our last major push to get real about any of this that is still not nailed down. He will affect each sign in different areas that will be discussed on the show. In the week ahead, Uranus Retrogrades so we see a turnaround regarding our freedom, individuality, body, image, brand, name, title, or personal needs. Venus enters into new territory putting our focus on women, love and income into the homey sign of Cancer. And finally, the Sun enters Leo lighting up our identity in love, with kids, creative projects, and fun. So many shifts in one week is unusual but this is the second week in a row with it so get ready, here we go!
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Jupiter was last in Leo 1991-1992, 1978-1979, and now, beginning on July 16th will embark on a year long tour of Leo again! After this year he won't come back to Leo until 2026. So this is about a luck and growth cycle meant to open... more

The week ahead is all about Venus and the Sun, or in short about Love and Ego. Veus is actively involved with Pluto, the Libran Moon, Uranus, Saturn, and the Sagittarian Moon. She has an agenda, she is meeting up with the big boys, she... more

Mercury Retrograde has been a whopper in it's own sign of Gemini these last weeks so get ready to celebrate the end this July 1st. You finally have the green light to sign documents, push ahead with new people and projects,... more

Tune into astrologer Zoe Moon as she talks about the beginning of a new LOVE CYCLE for each zodiac sign and how it will play out in the weeks ahead. This week also marks the arrival of the SUMMER SOLSTICE and the next quarterly... more

Everything shifts in the week ahead as the Mercury Retrograde exits the zodiac sign of Cancer and enters Gemini. At this point what we are reconnecting with, releasing, rethinking, and reworking will take on a new focus, past people,... more

Neptune and Mercury Retrograde in the week ahead in water signs, Pisces and Cancer, to respark the magic, unblock the floodgates of emotions, return us to a mystical past so that we can decide once and for all if it is how we remember it... more

Zoe Moon covers your weekly horoscopes, how to prepare for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, and looks at specific triggers bringing opportunity and challenges in your week ahead for each zodiac sign. Did you know that Mercury... more

Zoe Moon's weekly horoscopes highlight the New Moon for your sign, the astrological significance of Venus in her own sign of Taurus, and a look at the rare Jupiter/Saturn alignment that promises to cement something lucky for you!... more

Your zodiac sign has been dealing with Mars Retrograde in relationship Libra since March 1st. That can mean pulling away, retreating to the past, revisiting passions, anger or actions, or letting go with key people. This week the... more

Sex, Divorce, Triangles, Power, Control, and major Finances are ruled by Scorpio. They come to a head for the year this week under the Full Moon on the 14th. Each sign of the zodiac will feel this in different realms of life. Tune in to... more