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The Zeitgeist Movement's Global Radio Address

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Douglas Mallette, former NASA subcontractor and systems engineer joins ZM Global to discuss his efforts to found a company dealing in next-gen farming to tangibly solve the world food issue. The aim of Cybernated Farm Systems (CFS)... more

The Zeitgeist Movement bases its economic and social worldview explicitly on the scientific method. And so it is that when new evidence comes to light that not only fails to support our worldview but actively recommends a particular alteration, it... more

The Zeitgeist Movement's yearly "Z-Day" events around the world in review. Matt Berkowitz feeds back on the Toronto main event, and we play excerpts of his appearance on The Rational, a Vancouver radio station. Peter Joseph appears... more

Nelson, New Zealand, is a tiny community by most standards. And yet, on a recent mayoral election, "Resource Based Economy" officially appeared on the ballot paper. It received Mainstream coverage in Stuff Magazine and elsewhere.... more

Ben McLeish is joined by Cameron Watt, the man behind the entertaining and engaging YouTube Channel Libertarian Socialist Rants. Cameron recently honoured TZM with an eloquent and honest critique from a Libertarian Socialist... more

Salvador Allende's Chile once was the brief home of Stafford Beer, an English cybernetician, as well as a system called Project Cybersyn. This show provides an overview of Cybersyn, and networked social structures, both then and today.... more

This show was first aired in April 2013, but technical difficulties prevented the show from getting full exposure on the Blogtalkradio platform. We repost it from the archives and continue with our regular show plans next week. Follow the... more

Matt Berkowitz of Zeitgeist Movement Vancouver and Ben McLeish of Zeitgeist UK discuss the existing moral climate of today, as well as the possible role of science in determining and informing human values. What is morally right? Can... more

New Year's address for The Zeitgeist Movement. News from the movement, upcoming events in the first part of 2014, and other talking points. Lee Camp reports the most underreported stories of 2013, and a brief discussion on the life... more

We interview Chris Abbott from OpenBriefing, a civil society Intelligence agency operating across the world to promote a fact-based intelligence worldview. Chris is a former thinktank employee who set up OpenBriefing to counteract the... more