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We interview Chris Abbott from OpenBriefing, a civil society Intelligence agency operating across the world to promote a fact-based intelligence worldview. Chris is a former thinktank employee who set up OpenBriefing to counteract the... more

This episode gathers together the United States Coordinators of The Zeitgeist Movement for a Q&A question. The panel gives various responses to the following questions about a Resource Based Economy (RBE): - What is a Resource... more

TZM Global interviews Sam Vallely, creator of the feature-length movie Will Work for Free, which spotlights the growing and present challenges of technological unemployment and automation of human work.Also we review the recent talks... more

A retrospective show which takes stock the first 5 years of The Zeitgeist Movement. With help from the archives of Peter Joseph, Neil Kiernan, Ben McLeish, Federico Pistono, Matt Berkowitz, Will Dixon and many more. Host:... more

ZM Global continues its brief series on nutrition and its relation to the socially conscious environmental economy with an interview with Vivak Shori. Vivak is a molecular biologist by trade and explains the Expensive Tissue Hypothesis, and... more

This week TZM forays into the first in a brief series on nutrition. Matt Berkowitz and Thomas Anderson join Ben McLeish for a discussion on the reasoning behind, and consequences of, vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. About: ZM... more

This week Jim Phillips of TZM Education briefly recounts his efforts as an undercover advocate of a Resource Based Econonmy at a yearly Christian camp/gathering. He also reads the final chapter of the free eBook The Fist... more

Listen Online Ad Free; Jen Wilding discusses the current world conflict over Syria: the story, the players, their connection to our culture's value system disorder, and what this means for... more

Daryl Oster of ET3, whose evacuated tube transport system enables "space travel on earth" joins us on ZM Global this week to discuss future transport possibilities, what evacuated tube transportation is, and what it might mean for... more

Lisne Ad free here: On the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington organized by A. Philip Randolph,... more