ZM Global - Ep 134 - Interview with Chris Abbott of OpenBriefing

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We interview Chris Abbott from OpenBriefing, a civil society Intelligence agency operating across the world to promote a fact-based intelligence worldview. Chris is a former thinktank employee who set up OpenBriefing to counteract the ideology-based worldview which dominates policymaking across the world. In its first 2 years it has produced numerous reports on unmanned armed drones, civil unrest and its root causes, and much else. OpenBriefing releases all its work, even that which is commissioned, for free to the general public.

Links for OpenBriefing:
- Website:
- Chris Abbot's site:
- OpenBriefing on Twitter:

Topics Mentioned:
- The growing independence of high Frequency Trading autonomy:
- Special report commissioned by the Remote Control Project on drones:
- EATR, an autonomous carnivorous robot:

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