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This week's show is a panel discussion on how we approach Communication Style as TZM advocates. This discussion examines the area of "how we present information" and why it's as important as "what we're saying" as a Movement.... more

Welcome to the final installment in this 8 presentation series. The message of the Zeitgeist Movement is one of unity and collaboration amongst the people of earth via the methods of science applied to planetary management and human... more

Lecture 7: A festive lens for a sustainable future The seventh in this series of 8 presentations is not actually anything to do with a featured organisation at ZDAY London 2013, but was a talk given at an event with several other socially... more

Part six of this 8 series presentation regards the subject of the education system. The organization representing this issue at ZDAY London 2013 was ‘Change the future'. An online web platform looking to allow open access... more

Lecture 4: The Economics of Inequality The fourth presentation in this series was given after ZDAY London 2013 with an organisation featured on that day called The Equality Trust. The Zeitgeist Movement references thematerials of... more

The third talk in this presentation series deals with the process of money creation and in particular the historyofmonetary creation, bringing forth the first organization to be represented at ZDAY London 2013; Positive money. Positive... more

The second presentation in this series builds from the perspective of futurism and trans-humanism, areas of thought that focus on the pitfalls and possibilities that the future exponential trend in technological development could have in store... more

Ryan Johnson discusses research from a cognitive science lab about the ways in which people can be persuaded by rational arguments, despite our human ability to be stubbornly irrational. By learning about more effective approaches to... more

The first presentation of this 8 lecture series brings forth a subject which perhaps warrants examination before allothers - This being Communication and language. As stated in the introduction to this series (See ZM Global Ep 149) the... more