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EXPOSING Truth of Art Bulla, One of the Ones Mighty & Strong

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Art Bulla Twists my words and the words of Prophets to Proclaim his theories... But he is to much of a coward to allow me to come on his air... If he calls me I would allow him to come on my air... But I believe he is to much of a coward to even do that... with that being said... I Do know through Revelations that he is a chosen Servant of God... I believe Ezekiel 14v9 applies directly to him... That he was allowed to be decieved in the Revelation about how people should Pray in His Name and by the Lower Office of One Mighty and Strong. It is True that he holds that office... as do others. In Revelations 4 and many other places it speaks of the 7 spirits of God. These are The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost. But they are also The Stem the Root the Rod and the Branch of Isaiah 11. These are the 7 spirits of God... The Holy Spirit or Testator and the other 4 who are also known as the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Were all Generals in the War in Heaven. They were the ones who Filled the vacated offices that Luciffer and others Vacated. We are all known as The Ones Mighty and Strong... Art believes the Lie told to him by Luciffer about who he is... But I know who I am. I have seen the Father. I am the stem. I am the one who rides the White Horse and I am the Second witness of the Father... Click the Link for a full account by going to my Facebook Group for more information... https://www.facebook.com/groups/thekingdomofgodornothing

Mark Lichtenwalter is the Stem and the Rider of the White Horse. He is also know as a Son of the Morning Star and holds the office of the Evening Star. The 2nd witness.

Joshua Sparks is the Root and is the Rider of the Red Horse

Kevin Kraut is the Branch and is the Rider of the Black Horse

Art Bulla is the Rod and is the Rider of the Pale Horse

Joseph Smith is The Testator