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One thing Z'He MAGAZINE is not, that's "closed-minded". We understand there is a wide variety of cultures, traditions, religions and ethnicities; and although Z'He MAGAZINE doesn't claim to be absolutely knowledgeable about them. We're surely not afraid to learn about them and share them with our readers and supporters. The fact of the "unknown" or "differences" may usually cause some people to immediately reject those who have cultures and traditions unfamiliar to them. However, Z'He MAGAZINE enjoys the art and excitement of learning, teaching, sharing and caring which is why this particular style of magazine is well suited for those who are bi-racial, bi-cultural or just opened minded (within reasons of course). Z'He MAGAZINE opens up a world for people all across the globe regardless of their nationalities to unite together to be one voice by expressing kindred views and opnions on matters that concerns them the most. We set the tone for diversity to neutralize the stereotypes regarding a person who may have a disability, different sexual orientation, has HIV/AIDS, live with a disease and so many other discriminative subjects.

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Year after year over 500 innocent lives are taken by armed police officers who are abusing and misusing their authority. Why haven't our Federal Supreme Justice of Peace courts and U.S.A. government stepped up to stop and harshly punish these police officers who are using their positions, badges and authority to KILL so many innocent people? The U.S.A government doesn't seem to have any problems sending our U.S. military to other countries to help them fight against the malicious killings by the authorities and terriorists in their countries, so why won't they do it here on U.S.A soil even if it is "Americans" in authorative positions doing the senseless killings? This has got to stop. We want to put Dillon Taylor in the spotlight along with Michael Brown because they were both young unarmed males who were brutally killed without just cause by certain Ferguson Police Officers. Join us at 6:30pm EST as we discuss this matter. Thank you. Feel free to join us on Facebook @ZHEMAGAZINEPAGE & on Twitter | Instagram @zhemagazine
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There are numerous reasons why "friends turns into your worst enemies" from jealously, envy, miscommunication, overly-sensativity, misunderstanding, selfishness, pride and a host of other reasons. Tune in with "The Philanthropy... more

We will never thoroughly understand "WHY" a afmily member would rape another family member. The opposite sex genders are more than likely insistantly attracted to each other, but there are "boundaries". Tune-in to this radio show. Call-in... more

Suppose a female had become pregnant due to rape, incest or if the birth control methods failed causing her to become pregnant? Is It Ever Justifiable to Get An Abortion? Let us know you thoughts. WEBSITE: http://www,zhemagazine.com... more

There are many reasons deceitful people uses deceit to get what they want from others. It could be due aggrogance and pride, selfishness and inconsideration, stupidity and asinine attitude and/or due to being heartless. We will be... more

Unfortunately, an astounding 300.000+ households in the U.S.A are fatherless mostly due to the fathers willingly abandoning their children and family. Surprisingly a lot of these fathers were raised in 2 parents homes by their... more

If you want to dance or just hear body rocking, shaking and wining music, then join us this Wednesday June 12th, 2013 at 6:30PM as we are honored to interview this stunning sensational Soca Artist, Ms. Paige. Durty-wine. Soca city... more

A lot of times bullying behaviors are exhibited in children's households from having overly bearing parents to an agressive and violent sibling who the parents makes excuses for their inappropriate bullying and violent behaviors instead of... more

We have ssen this happen time and time again where a child has wandered of from the parent and that child's parent have no clue because he/she/they are caught up in "shopping". Every parent know if his/her child(-ren) will wander off... more

Unfortunately, commitment doesn't seems to be something a lot of people accepts, understands, appreciate, respect, desire or want. If you have sexual intercourse with someone before marrying that person. Does it really makes a... more

Everyone doesn't respond to, react to nor handle certain things they've experienced in life like someone else. Ms. Chjazze discuss this in more details, so please listen to this radio broadcast on the Z'He MAGAZINE Radio Show to... more