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One thing Z'He MAGAZINE is not, that's "closed-minded". We understand there is a wide variety of cultures, traditions, religions and ethnicities; and although Z'He MAGAZINE doesn't claim to be absolutely knowledgeable about them. We're surely not afraid to learn about them and share them with our readers and supporters. The fact of the "unknown" or "differences" may usually cause some people to immediately reject those who have cultures and traditions unfamiliar to them. However, Z'He MAGAZINE enjoys the art and excitement of learning, teaching, sharing and caring which is why this particular style of magazine is well suited for those who are bi-racial, bi-cultural or just opened minded (within reasons of course). Z'He MAGAZINE opens up a world for people all across the globe regardless of their nationalities to unite together to be one voice by expressing kindred views and opnions on matters that concerns them the most. We set the tone for diversity to neutralize the stereotypes regarding a person who may have a disability, different sexual orientation, has HIV/AIDS, live with a disease and so many other discriminative subjects.

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There are some things in life that will NEVER EVER change because it is just simply a part of "life's cycle"; and as long as people and this world exist certain things just won't change, so get over it already. Some people make themselves... more

Why are more & more police officers becoming murderers hidden behind police uniforms? Why aren't these political leaders nationwide ignoring this SERIOUS problem? Why are the National Guards that consist of our family members and... more

What is the exact problem? Is it a simple solution or is it complicated? Why have the battle of the sexes been an ongoing battle for centuries? What is the concrete root problem to the creation of this battle? From the work place to the... more

Why is there still such a huge controversy & discrimination against afros & dreadlocks? What's the big threat about those particular hairstyles? Did you know it was an European man who created "perms" for Africans to make their hair... more

Year after year over 500 innocent lives are taken by armed police officers who are abusing and misusing their authority. Why haven't our Federal Supreme Justice of Peace courts and U.S.A. government stepped up to stop and harshly... more