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Faith. Race. Politics. Education. Global Issues. No topic goes untouched when it comes to Pastor Lorenzo Neal. Lorenzo Neal is pastor of New Bethel AME Church of Jackson, MS. author, educator, and political commentator. Launched in June of 2010, Zera Today provides a fresh insight from the perspective of pastor and commentator. The show has played host to prominent guests in its short time and it is receiving good ratings from the online broadcasting community. Pastor Neal is also a highly sought after speaker and lecturer and author of the book A Breach in the Family available at all major retail outlets. In his spare time, he is an amateur composer and poet.

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During the early 2000's the Roman Catholic Church was in the midst of serious sexual abuse scandals that cost the institution millions of dollars in court settements. Today, Protestant churches are now in the spotlight for similar scandals with their clergy. The church cannot afford to be silent any longer regarding this epidemic of pastor pedophiles. What are things that can be don to prevent clergy sexual misconduct with youth in today's churches?
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