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Become Your Own Empowered Healer

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Moms - learn 4 simple steps to turn inward to heal what is going on physically or emotionally. By giving yourselves time to close your eyes, breathe deeply and turn inward to access your intuition, you can be calmer, more present within and with your families.


Dr. Susan Allison has helped numerous people achieve what modern medicine might term spontaneous recoveries from physical and emotional illnesses, including the overnight disappearance of a diagnosed cancer nodule in the larynx, shrinking lesions in the brain, the healing of cervical cancer, the recovery from throat cancer and Hepatitis C.


These may seem like miracles, but they are actually the result of a four-step process that Allison teaches people in her new break-though book Empowered Healer: Gain the Confidence, Power and Ability to Heal Yourself.


Empowered Healer is Susan’s third book, following on the heels of two other highly regarded books, Conscious Divorce, Ending a Marriage with Integrity and Breathing Room. She has a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology and has been honored as a “Woman of the Year” in California for her counseling work, but today her practice is more about being an Empowered Healing coach than a traditional psychologist. Currently, she works with individuals and groups in a variety of capacities, but always with the intent of bringing about healing, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. 


To order Empowered Healer: Gain the Confidence, Power and Ability to Heal Yourself by Susan Allison, PhD, visit www.amazon.com or www.Balboapress.com