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Zambia BlogTalkRadio's goal is to reach Zambians in the diaspora and consolidate on individual contributions to Zambia. We hope to be a news and resource forum for Zambians living abroad.

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Why is safe drinking water such a big priority for the world and especially for Africa? How is water connected to all other aspects of improving the lives of Africans? This week on Diasporan Truth, host Twaambo Kapilikisha speaks to... more
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ZBTR is a fast growing and leading digital radio station in the Diaspora broadcasting weekly, targeting the Zambian community at home and abroad. With hot issues of discussion like politics, community involvement, economic... more

Oscar Mwaanga is an international Sport for Social Change (SSC) activist and academic. As an activist he has focused his work around sport as a tool for addressing HIV/AIDS and empowering marginalized groups in Sub-Saharan... more

Mrs Engwase Mwale is the Executive Director for Zambia's Non-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council (NGOCC). She has been at the helm of the organisation for the past few years as an advocate for gender equality and equity... more

Constance Mudenda, a community HIV/AIDS activist and HIV Peer Educator with Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ), returns to the show to discuss her work in the community. A lack of infomation on HIV/AIDS earlier in... more

Ms Patience Sakuringwa is the Executive Secretary for the Zambia chamber of Small and Medium Business Associations which was founded in January 2000 as the Apex body of District Business Associations (DBA). The DBAs are... more

On Saturday April 9th, we spoke to Chilubi District council secretary , Mr Reagan Kalumba on doing business in Chilubi District. Fishing Industry Tourism Banking Facilities

We spoke to the town council Secretary on Inverstment potential in Kawambwa District Kawambwa Tea Plantations Banana Plantations potential Land Fishing Industry

We spoke to Council Secretary , Mr Njapau Maseka. Kasempa has potential in : Mining Agriculture Timber Tourism Housing

Mr Chrispine Kasemunka discusses with Rodger Chali and the ZBTR team the business environment in Lukulu. Fishing Timber Tourism Rice Farming

Health Watch will feature Pastor Lemmy Sikena of Christian Harvest Church in Mongu, Zambia. Pastor Sikena was trained as a pastor in South Africa. He will talk about spiritual wellness and health. As a pastor he has a very important... more
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