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Zambia BlogTalkRadio's goal is to reach Zambians in the diaspora and consolidate on individual contributions to Zambia. We hope to be a news and resource forum for Zambians living abroad.

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Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda is president of the HERITAGE Party and former Vice president of Zambia, he also served as Minister of General Education. Having served as a high ranking military officer and Republican Vice President, General Miyanda joins us on a special feature to discuss his views on the constitutional provisions concerning the Republican President's health and numerous 'secretive' travels abroad, the hijacked constitutional process by the office of the Justice Minister. Did Hon Wynter Kabimba underhandedly mislead the nation and unceremoniously dismiss the Technical committee of the constitution? Recently the higher courts in the nation ruled in favor of the candidates whose parliamentary seats had been nullified alleging corrupt practices during the 2011 campaign. Does this reflect credibility on candidates involved or it is another political mirage for the benefit of the candidates at the expense of their constituency residents? Gen Miyanda joins us to answer and address these issues, and he will also gives his analysis and PF's report card since they assumed the realms of government in September 2011. Join us for this special feature as we hear from one of the nation's prolific political leaders.
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This week on ?Voices of Anakazi? we are speaking to Mrs Engwase Mwale who is the Executive Director of NGOCC. She has been at the helm of the organisation for the past few years as an advocate for gender equality and equity... more

Perspectives. We've entered the first full week under the administration of newly elected president, Michael Sata and his PF party. Expectations are extremely high given the various campaign promises about moving Zambia towards a new and... more

Dr Simutanyi is the Excecutive Director at the Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD), he joins us on the show to give analysis of the electoral process and also discuss fears of anticipated violence in the event of a loss by the main opposition party.... more

Sata is President

Sata is President

Join us for the final analysis of the electoral process and what the Michael Sata's PF government means to the nation of Zambia.

Zambia Election

Join the ZBTR team as we bring you live coverage of the updates in Zambia's 2011 presidential, parliamentary and local elections. Our correspondents will be giving us live reports from all the nine provinces and select highly competitive... more

Join the ZBTR team as we bring you live coverage of the happenings and results of Zambia's 2011 presidential and parliamentary elections. Our correspondents will be giving us live reports from all the nine provinces and select highly... more

Randy Delp is the Business Director at Christ for the Nations which was established in 1970 with a long history of training ministry leaders from across the globe. Bro Randy joins us for an exclusive interview to discuss the special... more
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