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A place for new ideas, and new music to flourish. Host's Zaiyah007 and Uptown of YouTube's "Zaiyah's House" share their wit and wisdom with callers. Showcasing Special guest performances, and performances from Zaiyah007 and the musical Collective "BRO"

On-Demand Episodes Want to score a little extra cash on the side…without taking your clothes off or getting arrested? Find out how to by checking out these money-making ideas, from... more

Now on his second term as President of these United States President Obama has made ground breaking decisions that have effected us all. Some have been positive and some not so positive. How would you grade President Obama's... more

Do you find it hard being a person of color at times? Stop and frisk, Profiling, Mean Commentary on the TV the Radio and the internet? Share your stories with the Zaiyah's House Family and lets all try to find a solution to these age old... more

Black people have got to understand that when one black person commits a crime, that act is projected onto the entire race to justify further mistreatment and eventually the extermination of all black people world wide... more

He wines and dines you. He's met your family, taken you on vacations. But deep down in your heart you know he's not really yours he's told you from the start "He likes your type, but your not the marrying type". Join Zaiyah and Uptown as... more AFRICANGLOBE – Documentarian St. Claire Bourne takes a close-up look at author and historian John Henrik Clarke, who, on camera for much of the... more Lucky1227 writes, OK so someone I was talking to was like "oh you should save... more

We always hear people whining about their babies daddies leaving or never knowing their father. Is it always the mans fault? Or should you have known he was a bad prospect? With all the single Mothers, Grand's and Great... more

Ilya Pozin, Contributor ?Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.? Whether in business or life, we often walk a fine line between success and... more

Whether it's a guy with multiple baby mammas or a female with multiple babies daddy's. Is this a deal breaker or do you think you could make it work? Do you think that since a person has more than one child they are off the market and... more
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