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Yule Boyz

Yule Boyz


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Yule Boyz. The Yule Boyz are from a small city in Northeast Texas called Clarksville A.K.A C.V.T or C'Ville. They formed their group when they all met in the 7th grade and have been best friends ever since. They came up with the name for their group recently after others didn't work out.The Yule part stands for Young Underground Legends Entertainment which is just what they claim to be. With music styles that can be described as Dirty South Rap & R&B, they hope to soon break into the music business, but keep their home and school life in check first, because that's more important to them. than the music. The main members of Yule Boyz include Young Tk, YoungJ, C-Fabbb & Young Stak..... One member of the group stands ot amongst the rest, not because of his rap game or because he the youngest in the group, but because he is the only member of the group to be an amputee. We are talking of YoungJ of course. At the age of 4 Jaquan Garnes, B.K.A YoungJ, was in an life threatening accident which caused for him to have his left foot to be amputated....When asked "Does being an amputee keep you from doing normal things with your friends?" he replied, "No. Just because I'm different doesn't mean I have to act any different. I'm gonna live my life just like everybody else is goinna live theirs." And he means that to the fullest extent, he's played school sports, from football to track, since the 7th grade and is a straight A&B studet. Some of the other members were asked if YoungJ acte different than them and all who were asked gave the same answer, "No." "He's just like any normal person. If you didn't know him, you wouldn't even know that he was different," says oldest member of the group Young TK. "Yea, theyr'e hard on me making sure I don't try to feel sorry for myself or let anyone talk about me, you know," YoungJ explains. "But like expected, it gets hard at times." The Yule Boyz don't let YoungJ'

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