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Yuen Method-Traditional thinking is outdated. Dr. Yuen, Shaolin Grand Master of Kung Fu, brings new energy & instant pain elimination. Show Time 11am PST -- 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month! Full Show Archive at http://yuenmethod.com/theinfiniteexperience

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If you are not getting results with rejuvenation (sexual, skin, hair, vision, facial, body size reduction), don't give up on it. As in singing and playing a game of sport, you have to do it and get coached on it until you get the results you want. This is the physical, mental and spiritual game of your body and your life. In Dr. Yuen's Clinic, he will continually strengthen you over a 5-week period until you become strong to every cell of your body down to your quantum particles, and strong to your overall body structures. Focus: Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Degeneration and Detoxification! The Total and Complete Less Aging Tele-Clinic! Aging Pain and Stress Problems That Are Addressed In The Clinic: Fitness: Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Coordination, Agility, Speed Body Reduction Newer ways to address the collective body increase of weight failures Body strengthening: Lighter, Stronger, Streamlined Change your body quickly, without effort, but with enjoyment and pleasure to perform Over Eating, Food Issues & Cravings: make these a non-issue Challenges with Sweets, Salts, Fats Strengthening all aging negative experiences in your life so they are no longer in any need of discussion Facial Rejuvenation: Puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, as well as nose, mouth, lips, teeth, wrinkles, skin elasticity and loss of collagen Life Quality, Appearance & Longevity Sexual Rejuvenation Hair Rejuvenation: (hair loss, gray hair) Skin Conditions Breast Lift Vision Rejuvenation
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Dr. Yuen talks about brain efficiency in this live episode. Call in and press the number 1 if you'd like a questino answered.

This is a repeat of a popular show.

Take Care of Your Own Health with Dr. Yuen

Dr. Yuen discusses mental health in the wake of public shootings in Santa Monica and other such examples. Domestic violence is also a problem. What is the cause? What do we do about it?

Dr. Yuen generously grants us access to his insights on worry, panic, and mental health.

Listen to Grandmaster Dr. Kam Yuen's insight on your most unique potential. Discover what no one else is talking about!

Get rid of your pain and stress. With the Yuen Method, you will get results. Get unique insights directly from Dr. Yuen live on the air! Dr. Kam Yuen is a 35th generation Shaolin Grandmaster of Kung Fu, starred on the original Kung Fu... more

Dr Kam Yuen will get rid of the thought that you can't do what he does!

Hear Dr. Yuen's insight on PTSD and chronic pain...but, most importantly on how to delete it from your life and others!

Listen to Dr. Kam Yuen share his insights on how to eliminate chronic pain forever!
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