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Yuen Method-Traditional thinking is outdated. Dr. Yuen, Shaolin Grand Master of Kung Fu, brings new energy & instant pain elimination. Show Time 11am PST -- 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month! Full Show Archive at http://yuenmethod.com/theinfiniteexperience

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FREE Pre-Holiday Live Stream DELETE STRESS amid the holiday hustle DELETE all negative past holiday experiences and triggers DELETE FAMILY DISPUTES and DEPRESSION DURING THE HOLIDAYS How you can over-eat during the holidays, and do so without gaining weight DELETE all holiday negative emotions: overwhelm, anxiety, and loneliness DELETE (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder Pre-2015 New Year's Special that Will Thrust You into the New Year with Unimaginable Potential Experience WHY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS DON'T WORK Activate your physical intelligence, and have the strength behind your RESOLUTIONS so they AUTOMATICALLY become reality and with NO EFFORT Delete the CUMULATIVE EFFECTS of ALL your 2014 baggage on the spot, so it doesn't carry over into 2015: Delete All 2014 Emotions, Sensations, Reactions Delete ALL 2014 Negative Life Experiences Delete ALL 2014 Choices, Issues, Triggers Experience Specific Deletion: DELETE REGRETS about decisions you've made, actions you've taken or choices you've selected DELETE WORRIES about your future security DELETE DISAPPOINTMENTS that certain wants/needs/desires didn't materialize DELETE STRESSES about finances/relationships/health DELETE DOUBTS about what you've done or will do DELETE INDECISIVENESS regarding handling undesirable situation DELETE REJECTIONS, personal/work-related DELETE FRUSTRATIONS over anything/everything DELETE HURTS if you've been unappreciated/ unloved/unsupported/criticized/suffering from a loss DELETE ANNOYANCES from your mate/children/parents/in-laws/boss/co-workers/employees/other
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yuenmethod.com facebook.com/maestriayuen Patrick Zuccheri traduce la presentación gratuita del Dr Kam Yuen del pasado 21 de Agosto del 2013

Dr. Yuen uses his insight to give us all the information we really need to exceed in life!

Dr. Fan will be in the studio with Dr. Kam Yuen! Dr. Fan founded the Center for Natural Cures in 1999. Soon thereafter, she received advanced training in bio-energetic medicine, and she has since incorporated cutting-edge technology... more

Listen to Dr. Yuen live and call in to receive his insights on your specific situation.

Dr. Yuen talks about brain efficiency in this live episode. Call in and press the number 1 if you'd like a questino answered.

This is a repeat of a popular show.

Take Care of Your Own Health with Dr. Yuen

Dr. Yuen discusses mental health in the wake of public shootings in Santa Monica and other such examples. Domestic violence is also a problem. What is the cause? What do we do about it?

Dr. Yuen generously grants us access to his insights on worry, panic, and mental health.

Listen to Grandmaster Dr. Kam Yuen's insight on your most unique potential. Discover what no one else is talking about!
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