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Yuen Method-Traditional thinking is outdated. Dr. Yuen, Shaolin Grand Master of Kung Fu, brings new energy & instant pain elimination. Show Time 11am PST -- 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month! Full Show Archive at http://yuenmethod.com/theinfiniteexperience

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FREE Pre-Holiday Live Stream DELETE STRESS amid the holiday hustle DELETE all negative past holiday experiences and triggers DELETE FAMILY DISPUTES and DEPRESSION DURING THE HOLIDAYS How you can over-eat during the holidays, and do so without gaining weight DELETE all holiday negative emotions: overwhelm, anxiety, and loneliness DELETE (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder Pre-2015 New Year's Special that Will Thrust You into the New Year with Unimaginable Potential Experience WHY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS DON'T WORK Activate your physical intelligence, and have the strength behind your RESOLUTIONS so they AUTOMATICALLY become reality and with NO EFFORT Delete the CUMULATIVE EFFECTS of ALL your 2014 baggage on the spot, so it doesn't carry over into 2015: Delete All 2014 Emotions, Sensations, Reactions Delete ALL 2014 Negative Life Experiences Delete ALL 2014 Choices, Issues, Triggers Experience Specific Deletion: DELETE REGRETS about decisions you've made, actions you've taken or choices you've selected DELETE WORRIES about your future security DELETE DISAPPOINTMENTS that certain wants/needs/desires didn't materialize DELETE STRESSES about finances/relationships/health DELETE DOUBTS about what you've done or will do DELETE INDECISIVENESS regarding handling undesirable situation DELETE REJECTIONS, personal/work-related DELETE FRUSTRATIONS over anything/everything DELETE HURTS if you've been unappreciated/ unloved/unsupported/criticized/suffering from a loss DELETE ANNOYANCES from your mate/children/parents/in-laws/boss/co-workers/employees/other
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Are You Making, Attracting and Receiving The Money You Deserve? If Not, Why Not? It's Your Time To CHANGE That In This FREE Tele-Course. GO FOR IT! 100% INFINITE POTENTIAL, NOW! Focus: Financial, Career, and Life Purpose... more

¿Gana Usted y Recibe el Dinero que se Merece? Si la Respuesta es No, Porque No? Es Hora de CAMBIAR Eso, mediante esta Tele-Clinica GRATUITA. ¡ADELANTE, HAGALO! AL 100% POTENCIAL INFINITO, AHORA!... more

El Dr. Yuen fortalece al grupo presente en la audiencia de este radio blog con la Maestra Certificada y Actualizada en el Metodo Yuen por el Dr. Yuen. Monica presenta lo que va a cubrir en el Modulo 1 y Modulo 2 del Metodo Yuen para la... more

If you are not getting results with rejuvenation (sexual, skin, hair, vision, facial, body size reduction), don't give up on it. As in singing and playing a game of sport, you have to do it and get coached on it until you get the results you want.... more

Reducir el envejecimiento! Webinar gratuito por el Dr. Kam Yuen DC - Kung Fu Gran maestro Si usted no está consiguiendo los resultados con el rejuvenecimiento (sexual, piel, cabello, visión, la reducción del... more

If you can't define what is most crucial to yourself, family and friends or even coworkers and classmates, you will have severe difficulties in moving ahead with your life. The continual realignment and progress you want in your life should... more

Experimenta: Todos los principios de NEUTRALIDAD en sus relaciones Cómo sentir CUAL RELACION ES ?FUERTE? comparado con la que es ?DEBIL? RAPIDAMENTE? Cómo tener VISION PROPIA... more

Do All Relationship Problems Stem From Poor Communication as claimed by relationship experts? According to many relationship experts, all relationship problems stem from poor communication. Of course it sounds very logical that:... more

Mafalda Lamas, Cristina Horvath y Sixto Sanchez; Maestros Certificados en el Metodo Yuen toman el tema de Las Traumas, Emociones y Experiencias Negativas. Llama los lunes directo al Dr. Yuen; si eres afortunado te abriremos... more

El Dr. Yuen contesta preguntas en el radio. yuenmethod.com; Cursos On En Vivo Online. Llame para preguntar acerca de los cursos nuevos a: Sixto Sanchez, (714) 319 0067. Skype: sixto.abc; email: sixto@yuenmethod.com. Cursos... more
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