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This is a News Driven, "Reality-Based," talk radio show at it's best, through the eyes of one of America's top investigative experts, Retired Chief of Detectives, Wyndell C. Watkins, Sr. who says, "When in doubt, don't Speculate, YouVestigate! Wyndell retired from the Metropolitan Police Dept., in Washington, D.C. Wyndell is a expert in "Truth Verification and investigative matters along with being a court certified expert witness, lecturer, Private Investigator and published author of "YouVestigate, Don't Speculate-See What You Have Been Missing." This show is dedicated to helping you by providing you with knowledge and technology that will increase your self-protection for facing life's challenges. Join Wyndell as he and his colleagues share their experiences regarding all types of law enforcement and personal challenges in and out of the news. Other issues that will be addressed on this show reflect all segments of our society. Our common ground issues are: Problem Solving, Decision Making, Conducting all types of investigations, using Background Checks/Due Diligence checks and Confronting society’s number one adversary: Liars, Schemers, Deceivers. (Today's LSD Crowd).

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Convenient Liars are people, places and things that deliberately tell and spread lies that benefit or protect them, at your or someone else's expense. They can be family, friends, associates, organizations, the media, politicians, the church and... more

After being involved in public safety for over 40 years, I believe that the best person for protecting you, is you... Knowledge is more powerful than weapons. If a person comes into your location (like the massacre in Aurora, Colorado) and... more

According to George Zimmerman, killing Trayvon Martin was God's Plan, and he has no regrets... It has been said, " It is better to be thought of to be a fool than to speak, and remove all doubt... We will discuss this ascertion by Zimmerman... more

Former FBI Dir., Louis Freeh's report of how Penn State leadership handled the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal has confirmed some startling realities... They chose to avoid bad publicity over the victim's safety and welfare, thus putting... more

It has been said that "You can predict the future by the past." If this is true, how can we be expected to believe anything that George Zimmerman has to say regarding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin? Based on my 40 plus years of... more

Now that Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty of 45 counts of child sex abuse, what should his sentence be? I believe that if he received a sentnece of 100 years to life, that it is still is not enough for what he has done. On this show I will... more

The videotapped beating of Rodney King, by officers of the LAPD, in 1992, ended wih not guilty verdicts, riots and civil rights violations that resulted in firings, jail time, fines and police reform. But what are the "real lessons," that we can... more

As the trial of accused pedophile Jerry Sandusky starts, we will witness how one man's fantasy has landed him and those who support his endeavors to the distorted world of "Self-Deception." Self-Deception refers to the act of lying to... more

Tonight's object lesson: George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin In today's rapid fire electronic media age, we can get information as soon as it breaks, but are these facts true or just unconfirmed information coupled with... more

Speculation is a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence or information. i.e, conjecture, guess, surmise etc...The murder of Trayvon Martin, is another demonstration of what can happen when you: Speculate and... more
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