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Shows to help young people (and those who care about them) create the mindset, determination, commitment and motivation it takes to achieve what they want in life. We share success stories, interview current talent, talk about teen trends and media and divulge our awesome ninja mind tools. With leading youth coach Sarah Newton and guests.

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Join Sarah Newton ( and Annie Fox ( as they answer the fundamental question, what makes youth successful? What empowers them? What makes them want to change? Why do they behave the way they do and most importantly, how can we positively impact and influence them? Together, Sarah and Annie have over 40+ years experience in the youth field. Sarah, an ex-police officer in London, started her consulting business 14 years ago and is well known worldwide for her TV and radio work. Annie is a parenting expert who has been answering teen email questions since 1997. Join them on The Youth Success Show as these two seasoned experts share their ideas, thoughts, perspectives and tools to help youth thrive.
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Join Sarah Newton leading parentign and youth coach and Becky Cortino as we discuss the joys of parenting and having fun with your children - yes it is possible! How do you enjoy parenting? How do you have fun with your children? How do... more

Join parenting and youth expert Sarah and best-selling author Kent Healy. Kent who is only 24 will be discussing his new book Success Principles for Teens which was co-authored with Jack Canfield. Kent believes that In school the... more

Join Sarah and Maggie Keenan from Teaching values through charitable-mindedness and financial planning to youth impacts their participation and contribution to making the world a better place. The greatest way to... more

Join leading youth and parenting coach Sarah and fantasy author Jayel Gibson as we discuss video gaming and teenagers. Video games have long been a source of contention between American parents and kids. Yet parents are... more

Facebook… MySpace… YouTube... argh! What is it all about? I mean, why are teenagers so obsessed with these sites? Should parents be worried? What are teenagers actually doing when they are on-line, and why are... more

Join parenting and youth expert Sarah and Lissa Coffey author and relationship expert. We will be discussing the parents' relationship and the impact that can have on your children. We will also discuss parenting kids with special... more

Join leading parenting and youth expert Sarah and the world's leading parent coach Diana Haskins author of "Parent as Coach" and creator of the worldwide family coach training programme. We will be discussing how to become a coach... more

Join leading parenting and youth coach Sarah and food expert for youth Karen Schachter as they talk about all things foodie. Learn how to become a food detective to figure out which foods work best for your child/children. Learn how... more

Join leading parenting and youth expert Sarah and Rosalind Sedacca the voice of child-centered divorce and author of "How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? A Create-a-Storybook Guide to Preparing Your Children -- with Love! ". We will be... more
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Are you parenting with consciousness?

  • by Youth Success Show
I have been thinking a lot lately about two words, consciousness and ethics, and how they relate to parenting . . . they are both words that have been used a lot lately with parenting, so I wanted to explore the meaning and relate that to what... more
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