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The show covers insightful stories into the lives of young people and how these findings relate to the field of youth marketing.

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What is the real value of the youth market for your business? Does going after the youth market mean you have to cut your prices? Does going after the youth market mean you invest on being at the forefront of marketing trends? What... more The high cost of youth attention continues to rise and brands addicted to Paid Media are scrambling to find away to keep product demand high after the product launch. Ghani Kunto... more Mobile operators would certainly welcome a different OS in the market, but as Nokia has seen with its launch of Lumia 900, staging a comeback is not as simple as coming up with a "killer... more The role of brands have changed in today's context of youth marketing. Ghani Kunto talks about the role of Fans in branding today and how companies can tap into their Fans. Ghani tackles another question frequently asked by clients: What do women want? It's not pink products, is it? Topics: Pink, women, marketing, branding, youth, content vs context, Honda,... more Ghani Kunto answers the basic and important marketing question: "What do young people want?" Topics: research, agency, marketing, branding, aspirations, organization, campaigns Do you need special youth sub-brand? You've been told your current branding efforts are not relevant with the younger demographic, so you're considering a youth spinoff. This could be a great idea.... more Ghani Kunto looks at the business case for youth and what is the true value of the youth market. Hint: Even without considering Lifetime Value, the value of the youth market is enormous Everyone's on Facebook, even your competitors, so YOU should be on it too, right? Wrong. Ghani Kunto makes a case on why some brands shouldn't be on Facebook or other social media... more How do we make sure social media is not just an add-on to our marketing but is something that is engrained into our marketing DNA? Arief Aziz, Communications Director of Change(.org) shares... more