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    Open Forum where we discuss it all. Call In!

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    Today we get it off our chest.  An open forum.  Chop it up with what ever topic you like.  Hotep.  Come with your topics at hand.  Ask us anything you like or call to discuss any topic.  

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    Mail Check.......

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    would you ever open someone else mail?

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    Loud and Proud

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    Hope that you guys enjoy this! I want you to know that this is a place where you are not judged at all! I want you to feel like you can call in and say anything you want too. I know that when times get tuff it can be really hard to just buckle down and get over it, but Im here ti help you get through this. One step at a time. I also play some of todays hottest music upon request! Again I hope you guys like this as much as I do. I'm open for suggestions and any other ideas that you might have. Thank you!

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    First Initial Broadcast AHG Talk Radio

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    We just trying to get the message out about the Stars & Stripes Award for American Heritage Girls, Inc.

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    This is our first show. Hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Christmas Eve reflections by new author

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    Natalia Markham will share her Christmas commentary from her new book on Christmas

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    Making your relationship work.

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    The Bullying Prevention Team Radio Show

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    The Prevention Team is a youth led organization dedicated to building confidence, integrity, and to address one of our country's biggest issues in the schools and communities, bullying.

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    Thank you for your interest in Generational Teen Talk Radio Show. This is a leadership program where area teens from middle school and high school choose their own topics, produce the show, host the show, and discuss the topic live and openly on internet radio. 

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    The "C" of these emotions

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    When I am bothered by my own mistakes. That is when I have to take a moment to reflect on my past experiences in order to remember that I have come a long way in this life and I am constantly growing to become a better person. I have discovered that I am filled with various emotions and there is a trigger some place that causes those emotions to rise up within me. What is that trigger?
    I choose to call that trigger "cause". Let's look at that word so that we can get to the bottom of our daily emotions. First I will give the word a short name in this program. I'll call it "C". "C" will be the name for the word "trigger". I hope that you will join me daily as we explore the "C" of our emotions or the "trigger" of our emotions. We will examine the "C" (cause) of our anger, the "C" of our resentment, the "C" of our lust, the "C" of our convictions, the "C" of our rebellion and many other "C"s. 
    Bring with you an open mind, but please don't bring profanity of loud/ angry vocal ranges, as you may force me to mute your very important message by shutting off the volume on your microphone. I really do want to hear every one's point of view.
    Let me say right now, that I am a believer of the almighty God and I wear the position of an evangelist. What this means is, you may hear me relate to you by the means of Biblical writings. I will, however, keep it real. So let's get going with the "C" of these emotions.

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    Children's World of Music

    in Youth

    Children's World of Music is a Non Profit Organization deicated to giving disadvantaged Children an outlet for creative talents. It will offer Children many different programs all centered around music, including but not limited to Learning to read and write music, play instruments, music production, dejay skills, dance, voice, stage presence, and copyrighting. Join me for a detailed explanation and learn how you can support this organization.