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    Youth Worldview Special Report

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    The Dangers of Steroids

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    Hosts Cady and Nate discuss the dangers of steroids including why its use in teens is a big deal, the use of steroids in athletes, and the negative side effects of steroid use. You can view the infographic discussed in this episode at http://positivemed.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/effects-of-steroids.jpg

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    Summer Job Applications for Youth in 200 Cities

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    We are excited about the opportunities presented to the youth across America. Not everyone can be selected, but everyone should apply because you may be the one we are looking for this summer.
    Tune in and find out how your young person can make $500+ this summer and have that income carry over throughout the next school year.
    We help young people earn money. Starting with middle school youth can apply for a summer program in their city.
    Jobs include:
    Games Specialist
    Social Media Specialist
    Student Leadership
    Business Specialist
    No transportation needed. Computer or cell phone with Internet connections will accelerate your income making potential.
    This is a unique program that enables participants to "Earn While Learning". 
    For frequent updates, announcements, and challenges that can lead to more money. 
    What will you do with $500 each month?

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    Bare, Bold & Beautiful: Redefining Beauty

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    Who defines beauty? Most often than not, the media does. What we see in commercials, advertising ads, & on magazine covers is what we internalize as beauty. There is NO set standard of beauty. We are ALL guilty of coveting another ladies beautiful features, but in truth we all have features that are uniquely beautiful. Sadly, we often see those unique features as flawed. Interestingly enough, the features we view as flawed is sometimes what people admire about us most.  Tune into A Priceless Perspective as host Nicole Steele welcomes Shakia Seabrook, founder ofBare, Bold & Beautiful, who will share the inspiration of this movement that is changing perceptions and redefining true beauty from coast to coast.  Click here for Full Episode

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    From Gangs to Goodwill: Mentoring Makes a Difference...

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    Join me, your host, GoodGuides Program Director, Darrell L. Feagin, along with our show co-host, Tamara Howard, in this exclusive live radio broadcast titled, "From Gangs to Goodwill: Mentoring Makes a Difference.
    Today's guest is a former gang member, "Silas" who will share his story about gang life and the choices he made in order to change his life for the good.  He talks about how embracing positive values provided him with resources for personal change, as well as, a way to guide him from the path that his previous choices had led him on. 
    He encourages our youth, and the listening audience, to challenge themselves to choose those values you have the most difficulty with and attack it; work at it one day at a time, every day, every hour and every minute and you'll succeed at being a better you. 
    Call in, listen, learn, ask questions and make comments. And Always, Always Remember there is Goodwill in Each of Us!  

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    Newsletter Interview with Shannon Colar (Fearfully Fierce)

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    Speaking with CEO & Founder of Fearfully Fierce on what her organization offers, How it helps our youth Girls in Chicago and Her Modeling Curve. 

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    surprise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My life Brix

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    My life Brix. A new toy for Kids. That will come out really soon!

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    The Future Is

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    Today we are at the completion of Life Law 8 - We Teach People How To Treat Us, and continuing on to cover Life Law 9 - There Is Power In Forgiveness, and Life Law 10 - You Have To Name It Before You Can Claim It.
    Please get your very own copy of Jay McGraw's "Life Strategies for Teens".  We will even give you $5.00 towards its purchase.
    It is ThrowBackThursday, so enjoy some of the classics we'll be throwing at you today.
    Getting @diggy_simmons with it thru Friday.  Who do you think should be next week's Artist of the Day, all week?  Let us know and tweet us your favorites @GlobalTeenTeam.
    We are celebrating a special birthday today, so if your birthday is today too, join in.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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    It's Not About ME... It's About WE...

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    Relationships ARE difficult... But they don't have to be a struggle... Creating a lasting bond in your relationship requires more than just the emotional high you get from falling in love... It takes effort... It takes work... But it also takes WISDOM... The person you are dating HAS to be 100% on your side... They need to be completely in your corner at all times... They need to be your BEST FRIEND...  Find out why this is so important on today's episode of E3 Youth Relationship Coaching...