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01/15 Grace n Peace unto You! Thank you sooo much for stopping by or becoming a regular listener/Friend(almost 600)of "It's Your Time Now" Radio University! Wow it's now 2015. These are my archive shows. I dominated on Saturday mornings. I will be coming to conventional Radio as well as here this year. Excited to take you with me! Mission Statement: "It's Your Time Now" Radio University is a platform committed to the higher learning educational & enlightenment process of societal issues thus encouraging[The Harmonic Wealth]Empowerment Principals(spiritual, financial, physical, social & intellectual/emotional properties all flowing together)with an edgy, fun & motivating twist that brings clarity in assisting you in fufiling YOUR desires, dreams & destiny therefore ultimately concluding..."What Time Is It?! It's YOUR Time NOW!" God Bless Ya! (((^_^)))

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Yesz! HOTT Show as u-su-ell,lol! Intro2New Harmonic Wealth Series: {{{Love & Spirituality}}} WHAT IS JUDGEMENT-or-JUDGING & IS IT FAIR TO JUDGE EACH OTHER?!? Oh, I'm always in the spirit of things so take a listen & rate... more

I am telling you here in this show about my NEW VIP status for YOU my wonderful Listener's and more about "Private-Pain!" We're headed from Private-Pain to Public-Power of what you really said YOU can't talk about! The... more

Okay...Another awesome show! Steamy phonecalls once again. I launched my new Segment to PROMOTE YOUR SHOW(go listen,lol). I also lauched my VIP list of People which is great! New funn music clip of love & laughter(hear... more

Continuation of Part3 of "Private-Pain!" I gave hard core examples of YOUR PAIN! People opened up this time!! Lot of phonecalls this show! We talked about...Do YOU "need" a Man/Woman to complete YOU?! What are YOU... more

Continuation of Pt1&2: Can you live without Companionship!?! Do YOU need a Man/Woman to feel complete?! Oh I think I came down YOUR street about Private-Pain! I gave Shout-out's to all NEW Friends(so sign my Guestbook and... more

Oh boyi! Welcoming Ms. Spirit(Relationship/Sex Therapist) to Blog Talk Radio! What's YOUR War Pt2: Private-Pain..."Hey I really can't talk about it..." Ohhh listen to this show Dear Hearts! We came down YOUR street fer sher,lol! I can... more

Be in the KNOE! R U in the KNOE!? Listen to this show as I speak heavily about the different WARS(Race War,Cultural War, Sex War, Political War, Religious Wars,ect) Get the point?! So what's YOUR PERSONAL WAR?!? We all are IN... more

Wowwwwww! By popular demand...I brought my wonderful guest back-Bishop R.A. Campbell! We deal in this segmant the trick of some of the things in Christianity(I AM a Christian so dont' get it twisted). But DO YOU KNOE some of... more

Another HOTT show!!! Special Guest Bishop R.A. Campbell spoke again about REPERATIONS FOR BLACKS! Ohhhh don't fret cause it's coming sure nough,lol! We dealt again in the FUTURE!!! I promise you tho some STILL ARENT... more

Another HOTT show right here! YESS REPERATIONS R COMING! I dealt in the FUTURE!!! As promised I STILL had to deal with the "stubborness" of the "WHY" of Blacks in America-CNN(our state)issue for some. I'll hung in and... more
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