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Welcome to World Teen Chat on Get Up Radio. Here we discuss the issues that involves teens as well as topics on fashion, celebrities, news & More! Tune In. Call Into our show and Voice your Opinion at 661-554-9131. "Teens are People Too!"

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Have you been keeping up with current events? Recently the Jodi Ann Arias trial came to a close, convicting Jodi Arias to first degree premeditated murder. Jodi Arias has been convicted for the murder of her ex boyfriend, who she stabbed,... more

Everyone has a unique personality which most of us embrace. This show is basically about personalities, people, and how to deal with them. Be sure to check out: Follow Alexis Canoy on... more

It's extremely difficult to express your opinions sometimes. Whether your opinion is on gay marriage, politics, or simply on your favorite food, we all have different views. And though many people are accepting of different views, it is more... more

Considering getting an elaborate tattoo? Found a piercing that you think is really cute? This show is all about tattoos and piercings; and advice on both of them. Be sure to check out: Follow Alexis on... more

At some point of our lives, we've all strived to be accepted. No matter if we wanted to be accepted by a person, or a group, we've all felt like we weren't exactly good enough. This show is all about accepting who you are.

Who doesn't like random, nearly pointless facts? These random facts may or may not be useful, but they sure are interesting. Be sure to check out:

As teens and young adults, we tend to have tempers. This show is all about controlling your temper for the better. Be sure to check out:

At this point in our lives, most of us have had a "crush" (as in, somebody who you really like). Personally, crushes are the most innocent, adorable things that I have ever experienced. This show is all about liking that special someone,... more

As teens and young adults, we all have certain things that we just naturally would like to do. Some people want to go to clubs, others want to walk on Bourbon street, some want to go to concerts. I'm not talking about your typical "local... more

Guess what guys? This month is February, also known as the month of love. This is the month where new flames are born, old flames are re-kindled, and lonely people eat chocolate. If you're one of those lonely people then don't feel bad,... more
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