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Please join me each Friday as I interview internet industry leaders as they share their success stories, the passion that energizes them and the business knowledge that they are so willing to share.

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Our BlogTalkRadio show this week will focus on just what is involved in creating a good business plan. If you are a newpreneur, this show will show you the 5 essential elements of an effectice and actionable business and marketing plan.... more

Lou Bortone is a long-time marketing and branding consultant who helps entrepreneurs build breakthrough brands on the Internet, with services such as online video production, video branding, coaching and creative support. Lou is a... more

Judy Peebles, 'The Journaling Jenius' has taken a life-long passion and turned it into a highly successful consultant business. Judy advocates the use of a business journal to help you monitor your business activities, record your... more

Ford Myers was a guest on 5/29/2009 and his topic was so important and I had so many questions, that we decided to have a "special edition" interview. Ford will share the number one secret to job search success and what the first five things... more

I am delighted to have the opportunity to interview Jack Humphrey this Friday on my BlogTalkRadio show. I have been tagging around after Jack on the internet for many years now. Why? Because Jack is a ten year veteran internet marketing... more

Given the current state of the economy and the job market, this is going to be a very important interview. Please join me as I interview author and career coach Ford Myers. Ford will share the number one secret to job search success and... more

One thing Virtual Assistants, Web Developers, Online Business Coaches and other people who work largely in front of a computer screen all have in common is that we work largely in front of a computer screen! This means that we... more

Ben Cope, "The Internet Genuis" will be re-joining me on BlogTalkRadio tomorrow as we continue to delve into WordPress and the business benefits of using Wordpress as a CMS (Content Management System) to power your static html... more
Denise Griffitts

How Can I Become Active On The Internet Without Breaking My Budget?

  • by Denise Griffitts
One of the questions I am often asked is, "How can I get the word out about my business or services without breaking my budget or losing my mind?" I am not kidding, that is often how the question is phrased. I can think of two things... more

Ben Cope, "The Internet Genius" is a DotComPreneur, Web Designer, and Internet Marketing Consultant specializing in high-end, custom websites, including WordPress blogs. Ben earned his sobriquet "The Internet Genius" because of all... more
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