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The Adventures of 40st Black

The Adventures of 40th Street Black


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Join 40th st Black in his Dojo as he dissects all that is wrong with today's music, youth culture and much more..special appearances by D.j No Request

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What are you? Are you black? African? African American? African wherever? We are going to discuss this issue of race that has been dogging the black community for some time. Call in and get a clue tonight at 12:30 AM. Call in and... more

Can't we all just get along. Today We will take on the topic of separation amongst black people in this country and abroad. Why is it that we can't come together under one banner and take on the injustices that we all collectively suffer.

Perpetuating foolishness in the hood is continued largely by non-thinkers and the people that enable them. Who will stand up? How? Are you an enabler of the foolishness in the hood? Find out tonight...

Drama... It affects every facet of our lives. It's always around. In every crack and crevice of humanity. The question we ask is are you addicted to it? Does it propel you? Does it influence your life and life's decisions? Are you being... more

40th street Black and the Official Lumps Crew are going in on the concept of friends and how many of you really have them. What kind of friends are best to choose and what kind of fake friends to avoid to create a drama free zone.

From wise Gods to dumb niggas and the return thereof... Tune in and listen to your man 40 and the Official Lumps Crew go in on the topic of how people fell from grace and rhe return...

Your man 40 and the Official Lumps crew are at it again. This time they take on relationships. How and why they are set up for failure. Can hoes be housewives? Can dumb N words be dads? Tune in... 40 got your back!

That's right! Your man 40 and the Official Lumps crew are going in on modern parenting and it's pitfalls. ADHD is a scam. Don't put your kids on that poison Ritalin. Your man 40 got your back!

Living your life lusting after material riches? Lusting after dumb nigga celebrities? Not much on your mind but eating, fuggin, sleeping and buying new "toys"? You're a walking dead. Tune in and 40 and the Official lumps crew gonna wake... more

Your man 40 and the Official Lumps crew are going IN on the pitfalls of the hood and the war on drugs that feeds the prison industrial complex. We will discuss what happened to the fight the power movement and how we can and should re... more