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Lorane gives you the keys to CREATE The LIFE of You've Only Dreamed of. You'll LEARN to MANIFEST with her proven Inspirational coaching & teachings to create a more fulfilling life utilizing present moment awareness, Manifestation & Law of Attraction techniques. Lorane always does a Guided Meditation for you to enhance your learnings. Deepak Chopra says: "Lorane is a teacher of Infinite possibilities".

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Each week I will be bringing you a new topic designed to give you more ways to increase your happiness. Stay tuned and look for updates and my expert guests. Deepak Chopra says: "Lorane Gordon is a teacher of infinite possibilities". Get... more
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Are you just too busy to even think about your Soul's purpose? You're reason for being? Do you secretly resent everyone and everything on your "to do" list? Then listen to my guest Vidette Vanderweid. She puts you in touch with your core... more

Do you think we go on after death? Listen to this former sceptics journey and how she became a believer in Life After Death. Deepak Chopra says: "Lorane Gordon is a teacher of infinite possibilities". Get... more

Do you want to know why the Law of Attraction works? Would you like the scientific explanaition but in simple language you can understand? Then you want to listen to this show. Learn how to make this law work for you with my guest... more

Is the Law of Attraction working for you? Are you frustrated trying to manifest your desires? Listen as I give you the real SECRETS to making this very real Law work for you. Learn why it may not be working for you thus far and make the... more

Are you feeling unimportant, insecure or frightened? You'll want to listen to my guest Michele Penn tell her story of coming from spousal abuse to immense success! If she could do it then so can you. Michele is an award winning... more

Are your buttons easily pushed? Listen to this live coaching sessions and learn how to get rid of your buttons instead of the Button Pusher. Carmen's site Deepak... more

Are you setting healthy boundaries? Are you able to keep them once you've set them. In this live coaching session my guest Carmen Marie has new understanding and insights regard to her part in boundary breaking. Listen you'll... more

We are always manifesting our lives. Learn to manifest what you want and create the miracles you're looking for. See every day evidence of your desires actually appearing before your eyes. It happens for me every day and can happen for... more

Todays show is all about uncovering those hidden beliefs that could be attracting things situations and events you don't want into your life. Learn to think positive yet still face the truth in a way that empowers you to create your desires. My... more
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