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Your Freedom Calls You


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Your Freedom Calls You Freedom from slavery mentality, emotional prisons, and enviromental stresses. Empowerment through inspiring broadcasts:

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I will be opening Your Freedom Calls You Radio this year 2012 on a note of empowering Christians to salvage thier relationships and make them stronger this year and the years ahead! Pastor Mike Burgess of Holy Nation Church, London... more

This is our last episode for the year. But we want to end the year on this high note! Secondly, its our count-down to our last Winning Relationship Seminar for 2011! There are 4 seasons of Marriage and just as we prepare for the natural... more

Are you wondering why you do not seem to love your spouse as before? Just where did that warm, sparky feeling go? Love is the one ingredient so neccessary in our intimate relationships! Yet so little so understood. We are going to... more

Did you know that the cost of seperation or divorce is so much expensive financially, emotionally, mentally, physically and socially? How about the cost for your children? Your entire family at large? How about starting the rigors... more

This is hot now! The internet and one of its fast-growing babies; the social media has become a high spinning phenomena that cannot be ignored. Do not downplay this powerful medium that has started somelong-lasting relationships and... more

October ending is here again! Here we go!! With childrena and teens at home, the kettle will be steaming more often! Infact, a lot more parents scream more during holidays than any other time. Why do our emotions rise and even at that... more

I asked my husband a few nights ago, "Can we talk?" I was amazed at how much we resolved from a simple opening up to how I felt about a particular issue. So much healing came from that. Did you know 90% of marital conflict is from a... more

Time is a big issue especially with today's technology and globalisation. For Executive and Enterpreneurial Parents over 40 and everyone else! There is too much on our plates...!! Tell me about it!!! Clare Evans a Personal & Business... more

One of the reasons When we get stressed is because we are always dishing out time, affection, emotions, money and energy to others. Not wrong in itself, but when you do not make room to receive you will feel it. In your mind, your... more

Workaholics have a real connection to thier work and find it hard to stop. I am naturally a Type A personality who love the challenge of achievement. If I do not take needed breaks my health will suffer. Most managers keep on working until... more