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We are LIVE and on the AIR on Sunday afternoons @1pm and Tuesdays with Reel to Real @3 pm EST. Call in with questions, comments, and experiences to share. Everyone is having nightly experiences while their physical body sleeps, whether they are aware of the fact or otherwise. Each of us is individually unique, and so are Your RealSide Experiences, Your DreamVisions. Dreams are mentioned throughout Human History, in many ancient and archaic scriptures. Most people are unconscious about the mysteries of themselves and what else is possible. Duane The Great Writer & Educator is here to share his RealSide Experiences with those who want to realize their TruPotential as a 'Being of Light'. This Journey to RealFreedom is huge and it takes RealGuidance and a RealEducation for a person to learn to See Beyond this one-dimensional 'Place in Life'. For those who have the courage to Take The Risk and educate themselves to See More, this is your chance to finally free yourself from your own agreed upon self-restrictions. You are now invited to enter The Hidden Worlds and Real UNUverses LifeIS. There is so much more to Life that is unseen than seen. We each have four other unseen bodies aside from the physical vehicle most people 'think' they are. They are the Astral Body, Causal Body, Mental & Etheric Body. Hidden within of all of these PsycBodies is The RealU, Your RealAwareness, and here is a WakeUP Call for your RealSelf to Become MoreAware.

On-Demand Episodes

Some Topics Covered: RealSide Experience (RSE) with Christianity, Jesus, Psychic Attacks, The NUSound, RSE with RT and The RealGuides removing Taplines, Where are we going after this Life? -Conscious/Unconscious,... more

Some Topics Covered Difference between Spiritual Freedom and RealFreedom, Offsetting Chemtrails, GMO, HAARP, Agreement, Becoming a RiskTaker, RealGuides and the NU-U, Religion, Taplining, God, Singing the NUSound The... more

Some Topics Covered: Testing the NU-U, Creation and The ALLIS, Rebazar Tarzs,The NUMAN, and SEEing what is coming up, The NUWAVE, Psychic Sciences, Secondary Light, Kalaum God, Eckankar, Systems of Control,... more

Some Topics Covered: Real and Unreal, Hollywood Movies, Fear, Membershrimp Dues, Becoming MoreAware, Karma (Cause & Effect), and sin (control), RealFreedom - RealAwareness, Worship and Prayer (Creation, gods of man),... more

Some Topics Covered: Initiations - Rebazar Tarzs, Paul Twitchell, The RealRiskTaker Position, The NUWAVIS, Recognizing the RealFreedom of Ourselves, UP - UNUversal Positioning, Belief Systems, RealFocus Storytime... more

Some Topics from Today's Show: Taplines/Taplining - More, NUFriends? Jesus, Buddha, Allah? NU-U Sessions, NUWAVIS, Rod of Power, More pt. 1, pt. 2, Real LUV and Emotional Love, Paul, The ALLIS - More Oxygen NUYA pt 14... more

Some Topics on Today's Show: The Natural Environment, Tesla/Science/Alien Technology, Microwaves, "Renewable" Energy, Cause & Effect, Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides, Belief, Problems, God Realization, Reptilians, NUYA -... more

Some topics in this Episode: Eva meets on the RealSide with her brother, who recently died of cancer, Governor Lords (gods) of Astral, Causal, Mental Realms, Where IS The ALLIS? NUBooks, The Natural Environment, Reference points,... more

Some topics in this Episode: Becoming MoreAware, RealAwareness, Abductions, Initiations, Does the NU-U offer protection from magics? What about tapline masters? What is the purpose of Life? How can I get the RealConnection to the... more

Some Topics: Tap-Lining Kult Korporations of Manipulation and Kontrol, Viewpoints of The Natural Environment, The TruReality LifeIS, RealFreedom, RealUNUverses, The ALLIS, Better defining one's situation, Making better... more