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Worldwide WakeUP Call



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We are LIVE and on the AIR @1pm on Sundays with "Your DreamVisions Now" and Tuesdays with "Reel to Real" Everyone is having nightly experiences while their physical body sleeps, whether they are aware of the fact or otherwise. Each of us is individually unique, and so are Your RealSide Experiences, Your DreamVisions. Dreams are mentioned throughout Human History, in many ancient and archaic scriptures. Most people are unconscious about the mysteries of themselves and what else is possible. Duane The Great Writer & Educator is here to share his RealSide Experiences with those who want to realize their TruPotential as a 'Being of Light'. This Journey to RealFreedom is huge and it takes RealGuidance and a RealEducation for a person to learn to See Beyond this one-dimensional 'Place in Life'. For those who have the courage to Take The Risk and educate themselves to See More, this is your chance to finally free yourself from your own agreed upon self-restrictions. You are now invited to enter The Hidden Worlds and Real UNUverses LifeIS. There is so much more to Life that is unseen than seen. We each have four other unseen bodies aside from the physical vehicle most people 'think' they are. They are the Astral Body, Causal Body, Mental & Etheric Body. Hidden within of all of these PsycBodies is The RealU, Your RealAwareness, and here is a WakeUP Call for your RealSelf to Become MoreAware.

On-Demand Episodes

A man obsessed with conspiracy theories becomes a target after one of his theories turns out to be true. Unfortunately, in order to save himself, he has to figure out which theory it is. Director: Richard Donner Writer: Brian Helgeland... more

RealSide Experiences - swords, LifeIS Bigger, Reel to Real ~ Dreamscape, 1984, Control through Laws, Rules, Regulations, Restrictions, Commandments, Constrictions, Limitations, and more, Awareness and The ALLNatural... more

We used the Astral Wayback machine to connect with Dr. Olga deep within a secret military facilily where she manipulates the world's weather with her HAARP machine.. During our "interview" Mark from Washington calls in and gives her a... more

While Frodo and Sam edge closer to Mordor with the help of the shifty Gollum, the divided fellowship makes a stand against Sauron's new ally, Saruman, and his hordes of Isengard. Director: Peter Jackson Writers: J.R.R. Tolkien, Fran Walsh... more

A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic (Lance White), One-Dimensional Viewpoints, Emotional Attachments, The Natural Environment in the Technological Age, Polution & Poison Human Farming - Analogy, Jupiter Ascending, RealFood,... more

Dr. Boris Batanoffski A Health Physician for more than 30 years in Russia. Discovered the cure for all types of cancers and was sentenced to 40 years in a Siberian Prison for what he tried to share as Natural Cures. Natasha Was a... more

Zombies with Cell Phones, Val at The Zucchini Fest Hope for Earthlings? WakingUP, Testing The NU-U, Are the RealGuides "Spiritual"? Exchanging of Ideas, Gods of Man, KEK Systems (Kontrolling Earthly Korporations), Storytime... more

Hello and Welcome to 'Strange Things!' We are making our Radio Show, fun, interesting and informative! Have you had Strange Things happen in Your Life? Maybe You have seen UFO's or been abducted by Aliens. Perhaps You are a... more

A meek hobbit of the Shire and eight companions set out on a journey to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring and the dark lord Sauron. Director: Peter Jackson Writers: J.R.R. Tolkien (novel), Fran Walsh (screenplay) Stars: Elijah Wood, Ian... more