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Mike Palumbo

Your Career with Mike Palumbo


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"Your Career with Mike Palumbo” is a talk show dealing with career issues - Mike Palumbo's weekly “Career Insider's Tip of the Week!” will motivate you in YOUR CAREER and help you find employment - in any market!

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The worst thing you can do in a time of adversity is to panic! If you feel like you're about to panic about your career situation, don't! It will only make things worse. The cure to these feelings is to get into the game of life! Do something.... more

Are first impressions really that important when interviewing? YES! We're all susceptible to first impressions, aren't we? How many times in your life did you meet someone you really didn't like ?at first? but then later did? Well, when... more

You can do anything you want in YOUR CAREER! The only person that can stop you is - YOU! Always consider the source when you're getting career advice. You shouldn't listen to negative people, especially if they haven't done anything in... more

Are you wasting your talent? Why are you doing this? Why are you cheating yourself? Why are you cheating us? The world is waiting for you! In this episode we will explore using your great talent and NOT wasting it! Take a listen!

If all of this negative employment news is getting you down, I have the answer for you. Don't pay attention to it! Does it really matter what the unemployment rate is? No! You still have to be productive and find employment in ANY economy!... more

Is your resume/CV helping you or hurting you? You might be the best person in the world for the position you are applying for, but if I read your resume and cannot understand what you do, that's a problem! Let's discuss some rules for... more

Do you want to be successful in YOUR CAREER? Then find something you love to do and stick with it! Stop moving around! How can you become an expert and successful in YOUR CAREER if you cannot stick with anything? Let's discuss... more

No chemistry. No Offer. It's that simple. You might have all of the qualifications and requirements the company is looking for, and that's great, but if there isn't any chemistry between you and the hiring manager the chances of you getting an... more

Distractions are a part of life; its how you deal with them that will determine your level of career success! I don't care who you are, or how much money you have, you will be confronted with distractions throughout your life and... more

Do you have a plan for YOUR CAREER? Do you? You should always plan your work so you can work your plan! If you do not have a plan of action when it comes to YOUR CAREER, how can you succeed? Take a listen!
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