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Home Business Network Marketing Guerrilla Marketing Talk Radio has revolutionized the way that MLM leads generation and Network Marketing Training will be done in the future.  Internet Marketing Gorillas is the inventor of AUMMB lead generation technology and the AUMMB leads generation system.  AUMMB combines nine media driven vertical marketing channels which interact seamlessly to create a combined Home Business Network Marketing Training and MLM leads generation system.   Internet Marketing Guerrilla Marketing Talk Radio aka: Gorilla Talk Radio is one of the nine Network Marketing leads components which integrates new tools of Home Business Network Marketing Training as a function of an AUMMB leads system.  In addition, Internet Marketing Gorillas has a potentially lucrative referral program for downline who introduce upline to Internet Marketing Gorillas and, in turn, license the Company MLM leads generation system.

(PRWeb) – March 20, 2008 – Draper, UT - Pause to think of incredible aspects of Internet Marketing Gorilla Talk Radio and Guerrilla Marketing Talk Radio. Network Marketing training for leads generation is usually created as a result of an individual becoming informed of an opportunity.  Until now, has been some sort of written content found through traditional search or meeting in person.

Now Internet Marketing Gorillas has created a Network Marketing training and MLM leads generation system.  It can include media drive content derived through Marketing Guerrilla Marketing Talk Radio or Gorilla Talk Radio communicated on the web via a live Internet Marketing Gorillas interactive streaming web radio broadcast or a 24 and 7 streaming of a rebroadcasted podcast.  So, is what we are saying is one of Internet Marketing Gorillas nine media-driven sources of a Home Business Network Marketing leads generation system is the Radio through Guerrilla Marketing Talk Radio or Gorilla Talk Radio?

Yes, in Internet Marketing Gorillas prior Press releases, Chris Hutcherson, the CEO of Internet Marketing Gorillas states “our Home Business Network Marketing Training and leads generation system is far more than Search Engine Marketing.  Search is only one of our 9 media driven vertical marketing components that are a catalyst for Home Business Network Marketing Training and MLM Leads generation to create a huge paradigm shift in the way Network Marketing training is taught.”

Furthermore, Internet Marketing Gorillas wants to find and will even provide a finder’s fee to any MLM downline that assists Internet Marketing Gorillas reach any MLM upline who licenses our unique lead generation technology as to serve such brands as MarketAmerica lead generation technology, Partylite leads generation technology, Herbalife mlm leads, Noni lead generation technology, Isagenix leads generation system, Maxgxl mlm leads, Longaberger lead generation technology, YTB Travel leads generation system, and a Stampin’Up mlm leads.
Robert Henslee, the President and CTO of Internet Marketing Gorillas states, “Think about it.  Five years ago, what would someone have said if I told them that as part of a Home Business Network Marketing Training and MLM leads generation system that every upline in the Network Marketing Training Companies that licenses our technology would have access to Guerrilla Marketing Talk Radio or Gorilla Talk Radio?  Furthermore, the upline licensing AUMMB would actually have their own Guerrilla Marketing Talk Radio or Gorilla Talk Radio show while developing their personal upline library of Network Marketing Training podcasts which could be streamed 24 hours a day.”

Internet Marketing Gorillas has placed and all call to Network Marketing Training downline every to earn a find upline fee for assisting the Company in a find upline campaign that could benefit such brands as Yves Rocher mlm leads , Close to My Heart lead generation technology, Youngevity leads generation system, Nikken mlm leads, Beauticontrol lead generation technology, Bookwise leads generation system, Oriflame lead generation technology, Mannatech leads generation system, MoneyTalks mlm leads, and Oxyfresh lead generation technology.

Home Business Network Marketing Training is changing.  With the ability to combine nine vertical Network marketing training in vertical channels and enabling our unique Home Business Network Marketing lead technology, Internet Marketing Gorillas has a completely different Guerrilla Marketing Talk Radio media driven perspective.

Robin Rushlo, the host of Internet Marketing Gorillas Gorilla Talk Radio and Guerrilla Marketing Talk Radio, states “the Home Business Network Marketing training Network Marketing retention expectations of Network Marketing uplines are going to escalate.  Guerrilla Marketing Talk Radio is just the beginning.  Internet Marketing Gorillas is going to empower upline with nine pronged leads generation system that creates the retention glue that Network Marketing upline have been seeking for years.  Just wait. During the next few weeks, Gorilla Talk Radio and Guerrilla will be interviewing numerous Home Business Network Marketing training and retention experts.

Another key list of brands Internet Marketing Gorillas is keenly interested in meeting would fall in the description of Kirby lead generation technology, Agel leads generation system, Zrii mlm leads, Quixstar lead technology, NuSkin leads generation system, Lisa Sophia mlm leads, Amway lead generation technology, Princess House leads generation system, Amsoil mlm leads, Send Out Cards lead generation technology, and Usana leads generation system.  
Internet Marketing Gorillas is actively seeking 5 to 15 Network Marketing companies Upline distributors from the following MLM leads companies brands who would seek to license the unique Network Marketing training and leads system.  Upline is generally defined if you have 1,000 downline Network Marketing distributors.  If you are an active downline in one of the below Network Marketing , please contact our offices to learn more about the referral fee for introducing us to Network Marketing training upline who are interested in a customized leads generation system for their downline as well as access to Gorilla Talk Radio and Guerrilla Marketing Talk Radio.
Numerous Network Marketing upline and downline who will certainly show interest in the Company marketing system would certainly include UVme leads generation system, Pampered Chef mlm leads, Prep-paid Legal lead generation technology, Cell Tech leads generation system, Metabolite mlm leads, Young Living lead generation technology, Burn Lounge leads generation system, Gold Canyon Candle mlm leads, Eniva lead generation technology, Vemma leads generation system, TriVita mlm leads, UFirst Financial lead generation technology United First Financial leads generation system, u1st Financial MLM leads,  SeneGence leads generation system, Drink A.C.T. mlm leads, and Pharmanex lead generation technology.

This document represents forward looking sales material.

Go to and fill out form to be contacted immediately.  You can also contact or call 801-755-9749 to discover how to earn this unique AUMMB Affiliate Lead Marketing MLM finder's fee.

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