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Your World News is a progressive radio program with no limits. Our shows will focus on everything from under-reported news, interviews, media, education, music, and human interest pieces. We try to be everything the corporate mainstream media is not. Due to the fact that the corporate media can dumb viewers/listners down we edify our listeners. This is Your World News!

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The Corporate mainstream media has a long tainted history, along with the US Government, of labeling, repackaging, and vilifying some of the Black Communities more effective and progressive leaders. The question should be... more

Please Join us tonight LIVE for a special report concerning breaking news from the Middle East Region of the World. Within the last 48 hours the Israeli Defense Forces surrounded, attacked boarded and confiscated a boat carrying... more

This Wednesday (June 24, 2009) at 11:00 PM EST for part two of our airing of the radio documentary entitled, “The Ravaging of Africa”. This episode will foucus on the Economic Warfare that is being waged on Mother Africa by the likes of the... more

What do you/we really know about the history of Congo and the conflict there that has taken many millions of lives since the 1990s? What are the dirty little secrets that the Western Mainstream Corporate Media purposely refuse to tell... more

This Monday (June 22, 2009) at 11:00 PM EST for part one of our airing of the radio documentary entitled, “The Ravaging of Africa”. The creator of this radio documentary (Asad Ismi) will be appearing on the Your-World-News Radio... more

Back by popular demand this Thursday (June 18, 2009 @ 8PM EST), we will be joined in studio again by investigative journalist Keith Harmon Snow. Some of his work can be found on: Keith will be sharing with us his... more

What do you really know about the history and the current affairs regarding the great African Nation of Zimbabwe? Do we know about the current Unity Government and how they are doing despite the history of Western... more

Is freedom of speech really free? What are the political parameters in which the whole notion of ‘freedom of speech’ functions within the US? How has government policy, such as the FBI’s COINTELPRO operations, played a role in... more

Many forms of social justice plague the US as well as the broader world we live in. Police brutality, institutional racism, imperialism, and war mongering are but a few of the prevalent miscarriages of power. Oftentimes it is few,... more

Please join us for an in-depth dialogue with journalist, activist, and historian Abayomi Azikiwe. Our show will air LIVE tonight (June 4, 2009) from 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. However, if you cannot catch the show live, it... more