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Picture yourself sitting at your family kitchen table and discussing a topic of interest. That is the feeling we want everybody to have as they share their thoughts or ask questions. Your show is to have a place where you can call to discuss real life issues. The concept is not to brain wash people but to allow people to hear other opinions on issues and make up their own mind. In other words...get people to think! We will step into issues like politics and religion, student athletes, lost loved ones, supplements, health, and business to name a few. We are open to expand topics requested for future shows because this is your place where your voice is important. You will find that your host is a man of faith and his opinions are based on that faith. But people who do not share this faith are welcome and treated with respect.

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I have found that most everybody that lives for God wants to be involved in the ministry of God. A lot of people seek positions like being on the platform or positions that put them in front of people. What these people do not realize is... more

There are still three things that people are still asking about. 1st, the beast in Revelation as the bride of Christ, 2nd, The symbolism in Revelation as was stated on the show. For example many people think the Eagle is the USA. 3rd, is... more

Last week the topic was on the rapture of the church. A lot of scripture was put out to everybody providing examples to the speakers (Joe White) thought on the subject. Some of the things he said brought up even more questions and... more

I have shared with all of you bout my change in job status. The trainer I have been hooked up with is Joe White. We have had some great discussions on this subject. We have had people before that said on this show that the rapture is a... more

Two thoughts kept coming to me together for this show. The problem was in which one should we look at first. I kept going back and forth. So let us look at this as if we were talking to people who have made the decision to not... more

The info for this show left the computer for some reason. So do not have as much description as we posted before. We seem to have to know everything about everybody and want the negative. Our government seems to be following after... more

I have asked Bro. Russell Henson to come back this week and share his personal testimony with us. I went to school with Russell and thought I knew him pretty well during those teenage years of his life. I was there with him at the Hospital when... more

A voice from my past is going to join us on the show and share his thoughts on Praise and Worship. Bro Russell Henson has a church in Bald Knob, Arkansas. We grew up together and both went to the same christian school in Beebe,... more

In law enforcement I learned quickly that there is crime prevention and crime reaction. How many times have we reacted to something based on a feeling or our own closed off thought process? Or are we going to give as given... more

I know that end time prophecy is a topic that people of faith are all aware of and try to understand. I have asked Bro Phil Armstrong who has a blog talk show called the PROPHECY ZONE to share some insights that he feels on his heart... more
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