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Picture yourself sitting at your family kitchen table and discussing a topic of interest. That is the feeling we want everybody to have as they share their thoughts or ask questions. Your show is to have a place where you can call to discuss real life issues. The concept is not to brain wash people but to allow people to hear other opinions on issues and make up their own mind. In other words...get people to think! We will step into issues like politics and religion, student athletes, lost loved ones, supplements, health, and business to name a few. We are open to expand topics requested for future shows because this is your place where your voice is important. You will find that your host is a man of faith and his opinions are based on that faith. But people who do not share this faith are welcome and treated with respect.

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What should you be doing to truly be classifid as a Christian? I heard a sermon once on if you were arrested for being a christian could you be convicted based on the evidence of your life. By what standard would we judge ourselves? I... more

I was the first graduate from the Jesus Name Christian School in Beebe, Arkansas. The school is now called Lighthouse Christian Academy. It is hard to believe that it has been 37 years since I graduated from that school. We... more

You cannot listen to the news without hearing about another natural disaster happening around the world. Then you add the news about violent crimes like the kids killed in kindergarten the other day. The weather patterns and... more

We have discussed the mystery of the God-head, and who Jesus is in two previous shows. Tonight We are looking at the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit. Is this just another part of the God-head? There is scripture that talks about... more

With Memorial day coming up we want to take this time to let people call in and share a memory of a lost loved one to pay respect to those that are no longer with us. The loss of a friend or loved one is hard for all of us. With time there... more

Last week we took time to look deep into the bible to look at the great mystery of the God Head. We hear terms like trinity, three in one, titles, etc. But for tonight let us look specifically as to who Jesus is? Should be a great show.

This is a recording of one of our archived shows. You can listen live to our show on Tue nights at 9p.m. We have a guest speaker that shared what he saw in Haiti while there as a councilor. When he left he was not sure how much he was there... more
Your Place

Who Is Jesus?

  • by Your Place
We discussed the mystery of the God-head last week. Those that requested the topic did not call into the show. So we ended up with one side of the conversation. This week we are taking it one step farther. Who is Jesus. Is he... more

As people of faith you have to look at this mystery and the scriptures that explain it to come up with a real conclusion as to who it is that you are serving as your God. We hear people talk about the trinity. A word that is not in the bible.... more
Your Place

The Mystery of the God-Head

  • by Your Place
There is a lot of discussion among the church's regarding how they define the mystery of the God-Head. Some say that there is three people, some say there is only one. I think that we should all know who it is that we are worshiping, are... more
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