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Picture yourself sitting at your family kitchen table and discussing a topic of interest. That is the feeling we want everybody to have as they share their thoughts or ask questions. Your show is to have a place where you can call to discuss real life issues. The concept is not to brain wash people but to allow people to hear other opinions on issues and make up their own mind. In other words...get people to think! We will step into issues like politics and religion, student athletes, lost loved ones, supplements, health, and business to name a few. We are open to expand topics requested for future shows because this is your place where your voice is important. You will find that your host is a man of faith and his opinions are based on that faith. But people who do not share this faith are welcome and treated with respect.

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This is a continutation of the Restoration of Pentecost Revival that was held in June of this year in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. We want to warn you that this message is not for the faint of heart. This is an old time sermon that is not going to be politicaly correct, but will place poweful seed in your heart if you let it. This is from a live service and the sound had some problems that we tried to edit out. We want to thank all of you for your comments and questions on last weeks message. We promise that we are going to bring you a show very soon that will cover in detail the comments and questions you have posted. For now we ask that you continue to take notes of what you disagree with, and/or the questions these sermons have brought to your mind. You are also welcome to share these live at the end of our shows. This is a friendly place to speak what is on your mind! At the end of each show if you have pushed the number 1 on your phone, we'll bring you on the air and identify you by the last four digits of your phone number. We pray that God blesses you as you listen to these messages. We are still offering you the oppertunity to get a special blessing. We are taking donations for the building fund for the Sanctuary of Nolensville. You can send your check to Wild Bill, 2709 Tallow Trace, Spring Hill, TN 37174. Make your check to The Sanctuary of Nolensville. Your cancelled check will be your reciept for tax purposes. I promise that you cannot outgive GOD!!!
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When you hear people debate the bible you always hear people use a key verse to try to prove their point. John 3:16 Marks an explanation in a broad scope to what and why Jesus came to this world. But does it paint the entire picture of... more

One thing about getting older is that you somehow wake up one day and realize that you have become one of the old people. For myself I do not know how this was not a slow process that I was aware of but just woke up one day to realize... more

There are several topics that people seem to keep on the front burner that does not bring things to a conclusion but it does appear to take up a lot of time. I think this may be the newest trick of satan against the church today. To me if... more

This is the month of Valentines Day. Another one of those days that are designed for men to have to spend money on the women that they love. :) So we want you to share a story that you want to about the person you love. Could be how... more

The bible says that we are made overcomer's by the words of our testimony. Over the last couple of weeks we have discussed miracles and faith healing. How many of you like me want to be an overcomer? Then share a testimony that comes... more

Last week we talked about if we believe in miracles. But I wanted to take this one step farther and ask if the miracle of healing is different then other miracles. This is a question that really bothers me and what started me looking at the... more

I know that some people believe that the time of miracles are past. Then others say that they still believe in miracles. As always the floor is open to discussion to your thoughts on this topic regarding why you think one way or the other. To me... more

There are several things in the bible that we read over and over but I wonder if we really understand or forget what it is that we are reading. I am starting to look at things in my personal life and my relationship to GOD. I wonder why things... more

The news that blog talk momma brought to our attention regarding what is happening to the church's in China is a long way away from here. Or is it? The world is watching to see if the christens here in the USA are going to get on... more
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Persecution of the Christians in Chna

  • by Your Place
Persecution of The Church in ChinaWhat bothers me the most about this is the lack of mention it has on gospel shows that usually are a watchdog to keep people of faith informed to news of this type. Maybe you look at this as usual for... more
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